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  1. SJA, glad to hear you're still boarding man. Got any pics? Congrats on the little one!
  2. Originally Posted By: thursday Slow lifts means you spend a lot of time getting up the mountain at the same time having your extremities frozen. I was at Tomamu last year and they were the slowest lifts I'd ever been on. It took something like 12 minutes to travel a mere 800 meters. I dunno the meter per second that chair lifts travel at on average, but surely it ain't like this. Freezing your nuts off on a chair is not good. I think this is your longest post ever! Shiga has really slow lifts around Yokoteyama. The three to get to the top of it feel like they take forever. Th
  3. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Hey folks, we have at last decided on our trip. Basically it will, or at least might, include the following: bit of Gifu, bit of Nagano, bit of Niigata Kyoko and Osaka. Kyoko? Kyoto yeah? Some really nice Ryokans around tucked away in neat areas of the city. Good Kaiseki ryori and Sake too. Osaka isn't too interesting - actually prefer Kobe myself
  4. top: Uniqlo thermal (Mont Bell merino on really cold days/nights) Patagucchi R2 fleece jacket Bottom: Uniqlo thermal (Mont Bell merino on really cold days/nights) pants
  5. Persona by Ebis films was really chilled - I enjoyed the laid-back vibe, and hearing some of the stories by the legends from around Japan. Almost nothing but pure powpow! Like it
  6. Depressing. There is hardly any snow (It looks much better completely white!! )
  7. Originally Posted By: MikePow Just been informed that my work visa has been approved Expect imminent arrival of deep, light powder Great news mate!!! Enjoy it up there!
  8. The temps seemed to continuously drop here in Kansai today...hopefully it's snowing somewhere!!
  9. Originally Posted By: Korbzy Originally Posted By: panhead_pete If you are a boarder make sure you take your wrist guards with you when you try on your new set, dont ask me how I know. Mittens are great when its colder. im a skiier, so not sure how mittens would go with my poles not a problem at all
  10. Oh, funniest misspelling of a movie for me was: Load of the Ling
  11. Inception!!! That was really cool! Gonna check out teh Halli Pottah this week.
  12. Ezo, Smith makes a nice goggle with a fan and it keeps em really clear Phantom is the one I have I think...it can be a bit loud, but it works.
  13. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver I watched The Expendables, an hour and a half or so of paper thin storyline and shit blowing up....I actually enjoyed it! As average as the script was, I enjoyed it too. Watched The Bank Job last night and loved it!! That was funny!!! Two thumbs up
  14. Oakley, Smith, Dragon, all work great for me. Check steepandcheap or tramdock for GREAT deals!!
  15. Oops, meant to type D300 - the D700 is outta meh range! Dont wanna spend 20Man on a camera body. Think the D300 is 5 fps but better than 3.
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