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  1. it pisses me off how starbucks are so slow in making a freakin coffee. How many braincells does it take?
  2. There are gates to go to the other side from the top lifts. I find the hike a bit strenuous.
  3. Just say big. "How big?" "big big" "And how big is that?" gets pointed to the cups. Well done tarzan, held up the queue there.
  4. OK, didn't actually read that. Most times I do not anyway.
  5. what is the point being made? You make your point and I make mine? Too hard to get?
  6. And I wouldn't get an Ipad right now. I'd wait for the Ipad2.
  7. Iphone apps running on Ipad look pretty bad. You put it on 2x and the resolution really shows itself up. More Ipad apps for the Ipad prease.
  8. Softbank reported an increase of 250,000 subscribers after they offered the I4. Wow :not: :wakranai: Not really helping sales is it?
  9. The I4 is in so short supply that they can do an sorta deal and still be sold out. Apple store had it available, then took it off 2 hours later, then put it back on 4 days later, then took it off again. They have no stock.
  10. what pissed people off was that he was made an offer of 25 mil and then he held out for more. A true mercenary. Got get them bucks you clever ugly person.
  11. Charlie Sheen got a load of that, don't see him complaining like a spoilt brat.
  12. they should do it like KFC. A bucket of coffee.
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