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  1. Smith has always been pretty good to me. The I/O goggles and any helmet they make is quite a reputable system. I've never had issues of fogging and use them for skydiving/BASE without any issues at those speeds. Plus they look cool
  2. Whether or not you agree with the politically sensitive issue of "global warming" is irrelevant to what I am about to say: It really kills me to see how disrespectful and oblivious people are to the environment. I can't tell you how many times I have returned to some of my favorite wilderness spots and seen litter on the ground. Here in Salt Lake City we have some of the worst air quality in the US due to the winter time inversions and people driving more than necessary. It's all too often that people have massive cars which are completely unnecessary. In fact a lot of the time, it is simp
  3. Getting wayyy too old and spending less time on the internet
  4. Hey guys, Long time no see! Well the winter has been super busy for me, but all is well. My friend and I are planning a road trip from Hokkaido to Kyushu. If anyone has any reallllly cool spots that are a must to check out please let me know. This can include super secret local spots, good food places, favorites, cultural spots, etc. Anything you think would be cool to see. I've done a lot of the Kyoto-Tokyo-Osaka stuff but we have access to a car and plan on taking it anywhere and everywhere. We are definitely looking more for adventerous stuff so if you want to take us out cliff jump
  5. The most important thing you say in there you say (discretely) after? Stretching helps the most for me. Onsen + stretching will be the best medicine for helping muscles heal. Beer just tastes good
  6. Unfortunately, in the US society is based on survival of the fittest. We rarely have community support because we are too busy critiquing and comparing everyone all the time. When you take a step back and look at even the very basis of our society (schooling) you see we have many social problems at the entry level. We're taught to look after ourselves and not others by the media and other sources of our society communicating with each other (movies, music, etc). Often times this alienates people. Hell, we ostracize individuals by insulting and picking out their flaws while trying to make o
  7. This is true, but all of those places I listed simply don't get rain like Baker does. It's not surprising for people to see rain mid January at Baker. MB, Breck is really good for park, however it doesn't get much snow at all. It's often times pretty cold and windy as well mid winter. It does get quite a bit of sun though which is nice. The biggest thing is there are places that have much better terrain and your chances of getting a good half a meter dump are ten fold better. Jackson, Tahoe, Alta/Brighton/Snowbird/Powder mountain/, Taos are going to have more potential for fun. Bac
  8. Breckenridge???? EWWWWWW IF you want to come to the US, Jackson Hole, Alta, Brighton, Taos, or Tahoe. Maybe Baker but that place can suck when it rains!
  9. 5 inches or so here in Salt Lake City, which roughly translates to 3 feet in the mountains. Should be consolidated and ready to ski by Sunday or Monday.
  10. I think it would be nice if "we the people" made the president step back to what he actually is as described by the constitution: a fairly weak entity of government that can veto stuff and act as commander-in-chief. All of this attention and display that the media glamorizes to no end has people believing that who we elect has a total reign on the future. I'm willing to bet there are several CEO's who have affected lives more than the president. On a side note most of the people that are willing to offer you an opinion of who they are voting for and why cannot give you any senators, congr
  11. Check out our recent shenanigans over in West Virginia https://vimeo.com/52166203
  12. Mitch I think he was thinking of going in December Do you think the distance would warrant a significant temperature difference? seemore Ah missed that. Yes Furano will still be colder it's more inland and tends to get colder temps. There's a reason places in central Hokkaido shut down in January. It's too damn cold!
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