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  1. Pie I challenge you to find any thread where I've come into it purely to make personal attacks on you. Sure I retaliate but I don't initiate. On the other hand you obviously have a little thing against me and constantly come into threads purely to make a personal attack on me and comments I've made. It's that simple.
  2. Of course but that won't stop you making attacks from behind the safety of your keyboard.
  3. I don't recall mentioning you had a small willly?! I've called you a cvnt plenty of times and yes I'd love nothing more than smash your pommy piece of shit face in.
  4. pretty much…yeah. It makes you sound like a smug arsehole Thanks for the clarification. We wouldn't want to get all the lazy, fat fvckers censed now would we? Too much effort having to apologise issue afterwards!
  5. So it seems it's fine to go backcountry and earn your turns but if you actually use the phrase 'earn your turns' then you're a wanker? Is that it? Just so we know so that we don't offend anyone's ancestors and get them all censed!
  6. I love hiking and mountaineering. For me backcountry skiing is just hiking and mountaineering on snow and getting to ski down at the end of it. The benefit of it is that you're not constrained by things like chairlifts. It obviously allows you to access almost unlimited terrain. It also means you can extend your skiing season greatly heading up into the higher peaks long after the resorts have closed for the season. Even in resorts though I find if you are prepared to just do a little 'earning your turns' by hiking up a bit beyond and out from the lifts you can easily access terrain that few o
  7. Well I worked for a heli-ski company in Canada for a whole season and yes getting a helicopter to the top of each run is pretty damned awesome
  8. Perhaps you could explain to me why it isn't? You like expending more energy than is necessary to do something that you enjoy? Does it make it better? I don't think so. Do you not enjoy getting right out into the outdoors? Going places few others do? Getting away from it all? Getting first tracks down a slope? If you don't then sure backcountry or 'earning your turns' may not be for you. Personally I love it. It allows you to access not only some of the most beautiful and untouched places on this planet but ski slopes that you just can't get to using lifts alone. For me it does
  9. Only radioactive spiders. And we know there's a few of them in Japan!
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