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  1. People will come again, how could they not, Japan is such an amazing place everyone should visit, i'll be back one day for sure
  2. Originally Posted By: MintyNZ Glad to know you're safe Captain stag - does anyone know about Captain slow? if you mean me? im sweet, in comparison...
  3. it really makes me sad, all this media crap, i actually stay away from reading most of it and just check here for updates. Photos and video obviously cant lie but the news can.... grrr
  4. I haven't been on line for a wee while bit a bit sad in my neck of the woods. Got results from MRI and they were far from good. Confirmed my ACL complete tear, meniscus tear and also just to top it off a small tear in my medial ligament. So both knees match now, go me. No snow for me this season and depending on when i get the OP prob not next year either. I guess at least i busted my self in Japan, makes the story a bit cooler i guess.
  5. doc said leaning towards ACL... so its now possible i have two snapped ACL's (one was done 12 years ago) Boo.... MRI tomorrow.
  6. Hopefully this is "mad" enough. I have heaps of photos of this bus, from when we first arrived till when we left, it just got higher and higher
  7. god i loved watching the diggers around Niseko pushing the snow around, and also them loading the trucks up and trucking snow out of town, just awesome
  8. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Superb monkey pics. Cheeky monkeys. This dude is funny hahahha Love this guy too, he looks like hes cracking up. Awesome photos
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