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  1. James Blunt is a word that rhymes with his last name. Some good acts in there DFA 1979 reunion!! shit yeah.
  2. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Fukushima nuclear plant, are we nearly sorted then? Do hurry up, chaps. Well the news in Oz seems to have gone off the boil with their Japan reports. I can only assume that everything is sorted, and reporting on Charlie Sheen is more important.
  3. Originally Posted By: Kraut_in_HongKong Schneebored I wonder what's wrong with monitoring radioactivity Japan does it too. Why is that stupid? And why isn't it stupid in Japan? Just preempting an over the top media 'hoo haa' which reports radioactivity with no perspective. The monitoring is obviously a very important thing. And just bagging the French for the fun of it.
  4. Originally Posted By: ausi ski bum It will work out I am sure, I am still planning on being in Japan for Christmas and New Years this year. Damn straight!!! My feb12 trip will be bigger and better than my feb11 (if that is possible). Collecting as many Aussie $$$ as I can to pump back into the Japanese economy.
  5. Looks like there is drama stiring in Europe.... Quote: Officials in Iceland have detected radioactive particles believed to have come from Fukushima, the Daily Mail reported. The British government said there were no reports yet of radiation reaching the country, though France predicted tiny amounts are due to arrive in hours Stupid Daily mail. Stupid French.
  6. Originally Posted By: snowhuntress If you need to fill your addiction PM me your address - we have 2 Japanese groceries near us and they both stock Chocolate Mushrooms - Oishii. My Niece also has an addiction to these so I keep boxes handy for bribery Thanks snowhuntress, that is very kind of you. I have 2 Japanese grocers to check out this weekend. If I have no luck I will be in touch!
  7. I like your professionalism David. Nothing like a well crafted email/letter to get a point across. If someone takes the time to make contact in an appropriate manner they will get a proper response....it goes for many things in life.
  8. These have to be my personal favourate Japanese biscuit/chocolate. I only have 1 pack left and don't want to eat them as I can find them in Oz! Anyone else find their mushroomy goodness addictive?
  9. presbyterian Scots had a religious argument with catholic Irish some time in the 1500. Mostly happy family now as we are all Gaelic at heart. The Scots also bonded with the Irish over the mutual hatred of England.
  10. Traditionally Guinness should be near to room temperature. However the popular 'extra cold' version is served through a super cooler at 3.5°C (38.3°F). I have Scottish roots so should hate the Irish. But I like them so will be drinking some Guinness tonight...maybe some kilkenny later in the evening and then some Irish whiskey .
  11. news.com.au headline.... Quote: Nuclear crisis: How scared should we be? Journos have no soul.
  12. And as for the Australian Media. Quote: Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown....Meltdown.... Find a new word and learn how to use it in context you complete idiots.
  13. Originally Posted By: bobby12 France is advising all its nationals to evacuate Tokyo. For me Japan - French = Better country.
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