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  1. Tubby - there is a resort on Mt. Charleston but everyone recommends making the drive elsewhere.
  2. Rumor going around that snowjapan hates snow!! lol Thanks for all you've done with the site, it's been fun. Should I ever make my way back or know of anyone heading over to Japan I'll definitely brag about SnowJapan! Awesome site, awesome owners. Hope the new route goes better than expected!
  3. You can take your dogs on the ferry, just make sure you reserve a space. I brought both of my dogs with me, no issues. You cannot see them from about 8 or 9 PM to around 6 or 7 AM, the rest of the day you can go in and out whenever. Forgot the price but I'm sure the Japanese site will list it (or call). Also, I could only take my dogs out in the pet room, nowhere else. There is a little space for them to walk around and stretch their legs, but that's about it. Only about an 18 hour trip though, so they were fine
  4. Perhaps they were concerned about the safety of their dance? Sometimes the dancers can act real rude and totally removed, even act like imbeciles.
  5. I've taken the ferry from Oarai to Otaru twice when I was back in Japan, both times were great experiences (and super easy). Had the wife make the reservation of course, but after check in you are directed to a lane and wait until you are called to drive up. (unless you don't use a car, then you wait in the terminal like an airport). Once you park grab everything you need because you aren't allowed back there afterwards. Head on up to the check in counter and get your room assignment. There are different options - a main room of about 30 people where you will sleep on the floor/futon, gene
  6. Great addition! After doing one search I already want to come back to plan a vacation back to Japan for some 'me' time, lol! *by 'me' time I mean snowboarding hahahaha
  7. When I was in Japan I had an Inno roof box for my CRV. Picked it up at up-garage. Swing by one and let them know what you are looking for, they can check other stores if none are in stock. Freed up so much space in the car, so nice!
  8. England was packing their bags at halftime of Costa Rica/Italy Japan is dissapointing in yet again. US match on Sunday...
  9. I'm guessing they will show the same highlight about 30 times, while sucking air through teeth and turning their heads ever so slightly?
  10. I found myself pulling for another losing team tonight...Japan. To be honest, I felt sick watching them. I feel bad for the Japanese sports fan, it seems they are always left with dissapointment for their sports teams. You knew CIV was bound to score when every time you looked back at the TV they were attacking...Japan on defense over and over again. Oh well, USA plays tomorrow...I'm sure more dissapointment follows.
  11. I was pulling for the Three Lions in this one. Not what I expected from them today. They looked as if they were not in a hurry to score until it was too late. Many of their shots baffled me, and I expected more from Rooney. Better luck in the next match!
  12. Ugh!! I was so close to the box and I didn't see it!! When I got off the IC, I thought to myself, "isn't the box around here somewhere?". So close!! lol
  13. I was at Kagura today, there were two helicopters flying around nearby mountains most of the day. Wondered what they might be doing, now I know. If they were looking last night and all day/afternoon today, that can't be good.
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