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  1. I thought Chips in a word the pommy use for the lack of vocab and variety of food I love Chip Sandwitch though and Pringles makes em preety good ones
  2. Salmon, Flathead, Barra (in that order) ... Silver Dory, Black snapper would be my next pick . And Whiting to fill up the space.
  3. yeah、 japanese live on Bonus. When you start working for a company, the monthly pay is low, but you get like 5-6 months pay-equivalant Bonus .. Gets better when you stay longer in that company as you geta payrise. TBH without a Bonus the monthly pay is too low and monthly pay is harder to manage than weekly wages. So, you borrow (credit) off your Bonus.
  4. Probably not worth the labour cost.
  5. Bet you do GN ...I reckon you are better off living in Japan and taking a couple of months off down at the beach where you are ... Any suggestions on which companies to go for in Hokkaido ? pm? yoroshiku ..
  6. I think it depends on the item one imports. Like DVD. IN Germany the delivery guy at the door collects it. Better than paying for public transport all the way to the customs office to pay and collect it
  7. There is a way around this. It is not true. GET AN ASS PROTECTOR, BACK PROTECTOR, ELBOW & KNEE PROTECTOR, HELMET .... and yes, you will be in pain rooting with bruises which you have never had so much before
  8. Private lessons 30 years ago was like Y5000 and you got fed. Crazy huh, One wudda made Y450 working in a cofee shop or Macca`s and now it`s double that. Not so with English teaching.
  9. Bloody hell ... I`m sure that will confuse the crap out where there`s horse/pony pellets
  10. That Batmobile thang is reaaaaaly coooool. I don`t mind that happenin
  11. 'Gold' being paid just 4-5 million yen? Sounds like a raw deal to me that. Average Japanese household income for the whole country is about 5.3 million yen. I dunno what the median is, but it's definitely lower because about two thirds get less than the average. The further you get from the big cities, the more likely it is, with Okinawa rock bottom. About third of households nationwide live on 3 million yen or less, the same 250,000 a month talked about in the eikaiwa thread. Average household income is down by about 1.2 million a year from the peak which was 1994ish.              
  12. Time for 水風呂   Ought to treat it like a Sauna
  13. Donno if anything is called having a choice ... I am not geeting into a debate abou zat ... but considering I had held a Japa passport and my parents are Japa by blood/birth, I kinda feel pretty limited when I have to go thru the same process as any Gaijin and wait for 3 months (without being able to work) to get a temporary resident status
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