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  1. DDL is always good. In the name of the father was heavy, but good.
  2. Starts in 30 minutes or so.... will be watching it live on fuji721
  3. looks like a lot of posts for a Sunday!
  4. She doesnt look particularly Japanese. I like Korean women best after Vulcans.
  5. Click on that Places to stay link at the top of the page, it is a good start..
  6. ...to lust. As for work, I am here on a 4 year contract.
  7. I went to Zao last week. We had a good time and I really liked the resort. They seem to have more snow than places in Niigata and Nagano at the moment but there still wasn't a huge amount. I was expecting more. Overall I would rate Nozawa better.
  8. I went there once in summer as a friend lives in Sapporo. Pretty area. Just found some reviews of the ski resort http://www.snowjapan.com/e/voice/readrereview3.php?resortName=Mount%20Racey&prefecture=Hokkaido
  9. My lady friend likes the new Gwen Stefani album and it has to be one of the most annoying things of the year so far.
  10. I would choose Naeba. It is more immediate than Kagura which sometimes seems to take an age to get to. If you want just the courses as well I think Naeba easy wins. And if it is a weekday there shouldn't be problems really with crowds.
  11. I'd say some other well known leaders are more "nutter" than him. He's dangerous but so are others. "We nuke or we 'lose', I think its that simple." Grim.
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