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  1. A huge blow to American identity, it seems Report: China To Overtake U.S. As World's Biggest Asshole By 2020 April 19, 2010 Chinese president and rising international dipshit Hu Jintao. WASHINGTON—According to a new report released Monday by a panel of top economists and social scientists, the People's Republic of China will overtake the United States as the world's dominant asshole by the year 2020. The findings, published in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs, support recent speculation that America's unquestioned reign as the leading super-prick may soon be drawing to a close, leaving China as the foremost sh*thead among all developed nations. "We are seeing a changing of the asshole guard," said Andrew Freireich, noted economist and lead author of the article. "Although the U.S. will remain among the world's two or three biggest cocks through much of this century, we can now confidently project that China, with its soaring economic growth, ever-expanding cultural influence, and total disregard for basic human rights, will overtake America as King Prick Numero Uno within the next 10 years." Added Freireich, "It's the dawning of a new huge bastard era." According to the report, China has slowly emerged as a massive f*cker over the past half century, a period of egotistical growth unseen since America's booming douche years following World War II. According to estimates, China already has a slight lead on the U.S. in not giving a f*ck about climate change. Over that same time, China has seen a dramatic rise in both its GDP and Sh*thead Index, definite signs that the Asian nation is developing into a cocksucker of global proportions. "When you consider China's wanton pollution, rising militarism, and rampant overdevelopment, it's clear they'll soon be thoroughly out-dicking the U.S. in every measurable area," international affairs specialist Neil Farren said. "Not many Americans want to admit it, but as the yuan continues to get stronger, and millions upon millions are exploited as a result, more and more people worldwide will be looking to China, not America, and saying, 'Man, can you believe what an unbelievable sack of sh*t that country is?'" China's ascension to supreme asshole status is occurring at a much faster pace than experts originally predicted. In fact, many now believe that by as early as 2015 Chinese citizens will arrogantly strut across the globe disrespecting other cultures and shouting loudly while dressed in XXL "Speak Chinese or Go Home" T-shirts. Prominent scholars claim that America's gradual fall from the upper echelon of international supersh*ts is merely part of an inevitable pattern seen time and again throughout world history. "All of the great asshole nations eventually watch their day in the sun slip away," historian Richard Merriam told reporters. "Don't forget that Great Britain was the world's dominant asshole for well over three centuries, and look at it now: a pussy-whipped shell of the insufferable, bullying jackass it used to be." Others have posited that China's ascension may be part of a larger reorganization of the global asshole hegemony that could see the United States losing even more ground in the century to come. "A country like Iran is obviously a pretty big dick, but ultimately it lacks the resources to be a truly world-class asshole," Farran said. "Same goes for Pakistan. But the list of abominable sh*t-heel countries competing for global prick dominance is a long one, and the U.S. is just going to have to get used to seeing countries like Russia and India mentioned in the same breath as itself." "Many Americans are going to be upset over the prospect of falling from that top spot, but that's the reality we face," Farrar continued. "Hopefully, the United States will find a way to grow and adjust to its evolving role on the world stage without acting like a complete and utter f*ckhead about it." original, profanity-laden article here http://www.theonion.com/articles/report-china-to-overtake-us-as-worlds-biggest-assh,17277/
  2. the guy who first jumped the Mount Baker road gap back in the day shirtless.
  3. Oyuki kigan


    the last line is the best
  4. Oyuki kigan


    Faulty American flags are being recalled http://www.theonion.com/articles/us-flag-recalled-after-causing-143-million-deaths,17248/
  5. Oyuki kigan

    Summer Holidays

    Bicycle trip down to Shizuoka, stay at a friend's place, and learn how to surf for a week or 2.
  6. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    Some activism does get results. http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/japan-catches-only-60-of-targeted-whales-in-fy-2009 And speaking of over-the-top animal rights activist tactics, i can't bring up the name of PETA without a deluge of snide comments on how wacky they are. And until recently, i'd be a somewhat likely to agree, until reading Jonathen Safran Foer's book. In it he quotes factory farm specialists who have been hired by the meat companies to look as if they care, but ignore any advice the specialists give for improving conditions. One specialist was saying that the companies hate PETA, because they DO get results. After PETA targeted his company, he say more change in 3 months that he had in 3 years of working there.
  7. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    i'm not so sure. Now that the world is watching, they are sure to be more careful. They may get fed up with having to police the site from media and protesters to the point that its easier to just try more humane methods. Besides, the one way its sure NOT TO CHANGE would be not to make and release a documentary, or protest. Its been pretty much the same for any type of animal rights. Or human rights, for that matter
  8. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    No, i get it. Thats why i washed my hands of the whole business. Its became too untenable to treat my dog like a best friend and then pay money to a company to treat a pig (which are just as intelligent and personable) like utter waste for its short life. I see the same hypocrisy here, and that was the original intent of starting the post.
  9. Oyuki kigan

    Koshi pan

    *yawn* how old are we here that this fashion is shocking enough to have a third thread made about it? Are you all in your 70's?
  10. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    Originally Posted By: Mantas Originally Posted By: Oyuki kigan As for fish, i can guarantee you that no fish that comes you your plate has died a humane death. they are hooked or netted, where they undergo decompression and bleed to death or sufforcate. And if you are eating the liked of tuna or some other ocean-caught creature, not only they suffered, but also did many, many others that are not commercially viable, and thrown back overboard, dead (bycatch). Exactly. The whole thing is a bunch of sentimental gaijin crap! The dolphins are NOT endangered and DIDN'T suffer any more than any other sea creature harvested for OUR consumption. woah, i wasn't trying to justify it. Maybe i am a 'setimental gaijin', but i harshly disagree that any living creature should be subjected to violence like that, especially when we as humans have the technology and moral choice not to. As for 'cultural sensitivities', i only agree with that up to a point. When 'traditions' overstep the line from being 'a part of one's culture/livelihood' to 'causing unjustifiable amounts of suffering/danger' then i call bullshit. I'm sure i don't need to remind you of the many 'traditions' the human family has produced that are now extinct because they were idiotically oppressive and cruel.
  11. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    Originally Posted By: KlingKlang Quote: The Japanese representative stated that the vast majority of Dolphins were killed instantly - they absolutely were not - they were frightened, tortured and suffered greatly. I do not doubt that some/however many dolphins suffered. I was more commenting on your comment above and the nuance made. Just because you saw a documentary made - by the outraged party - does not mean that all dolphins are killed this way. Anyway I am looking forwad to seeing this sometime soon. How exactly is a dolphin supposed to be killed 'humanely'? We have enough problems with livestock, and at least they can be led to a boltgun. Dolphins can't. the best you may be able to do is shoot them, but as far as i know, thats not how its done. They are speared and hooked. As for fish, i can guarantee you that no fish that comes you your plate has died a humane death. they are hooked or netted, where they undergo decompression and bleed to death or sufforcate. And if you are eating the liked of tuna or some other ocean-caught creature, not only they suffered, but also did many, many others that are not commercially viable, and thrown back overboard, dead (bycatch).
  12. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    How about just for respect for the life they are killing? It is unacceptably brutal to most people, even the Japanese, which is why its so hidden from view.
  13. Oyuki kigan

    What are you reading?

    thats funny you ask, it actually does have a recipe
  14. Oyuki kigan

    What are you reading?

    Listening to the audio book of "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer... Woah
  15. Oyuki kigan

    "The Cove" wins an Oscar

    Nope. I've only seen other footage in movies like Earthlings, and read about it.


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