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  1. Last couple of days it's been Jboog and Katchafire sprinkled with some Bob Marley.
  2. I used to tell my wife frequently. Growing up it was never said in the house. I always found it odd that my parents didn't say it?!? Both my brother and sister say it to their kids. Never - ever - heard the Japanese in-laws say it!
  3. I can't wait to see him defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.....hopefully he won't go into a singing career after boxing!
  4. Ng... is a farely common Vietnamese name here in Hawaii. It's pronounced like 'new.'
  5. Social Networking - the story about Facebook. I love true stories like that. I hadn't known the Napster guy, Shawn Fanning got in on that. It says the company is worth around 25 US $Billion today and it's main founder owns about 25%. Sugoi!
  6. 1 banana, 1 nectarine, a little oatmeal, a little fresh ginger, 1 scoop whey protein (vanilla), and about 8 ounces carrot juice blended. Delicious!
  7. The trend for SUPs seems to be sub 10'. I think that will be a fad. SUP riders that surfed first don't seem to be 'jama' for surfers here in Hawaii. At least not on Oahu. Most beginner's just stay in waveless beach areas paddling around annoying the swimmers. A waterman named Kainoa McGee desinged our boards to be surfed but I'm sure a lot of our customers simply paddle around and get their 'core workouts.' Thursday, J-wife and the local Harley-Davidson dealer and customer of mine in Sendai started seeing each other. That was that. How's that for entertainment?
  8. I checked with the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu yesterday. Just to confirm what's already been mentioned, if I don't get a new or extended Re-entry permit my permenant resident visa will expire. The consulate will give me a one year extension if I can prove a good reason for them to do so. You have to support your reason with a doctor's note or work requirements, etc., whatever the case may be. Upon learning that I had divorced my Japanese wife the worker at the consulate asked, "Well, then what are you going to do in Japan, stalk her?" Huh?!? Idiot. The benefit to keeping
  9. Anyone know if you can get a re-entry renewal from abroad (like at a Japan consulate)? I do have PR status. I'll check with the Japan consulate here in Honolulu soon and post back what they tell me.
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