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  1. Fine work! b The Mt Eniwa story is very interesting. The mind boggles at the thought of what they did there.
  2. joshnii

    Family Resorts in Niigata

    Don't know what the situation is with lessons this season but places that I see as NOT being family ones are: GALA Kandatsu Maiko Joetsu Kokusai Kagura Perhaps Iwappara? Or Yuzawa Park or Yuzawa Nakazato? There's Myoko of course but I don't know that area as well.
  3. Mine would have to be Kagura. Admittedly it is the place where I have been most, but after good snowfall it often offers fantastic conditions.
  4. joshnii

    Looking for good Powder for learning

    And apparently they wanted the 1 day lift ticket originally to be 10,000 yen. Madness!
  5. Nice, Brillow! A lot will depend on if you will have the use of a car. Do you know if you will?
  6. joshnii

    Best in Yuzawa in late March

    Kagura. I am in Yuzawa now. Nasty rain, not nice. :( Please let's get some more fresh snow.
  7. I have only been to Alts Bandai, it’s not too far coming from Niigata. The Urabandai area I think gets better snow, but that’s an-ther chunk of time. Alts was pretty decent though. I do like that region.
  8. joshnii

    Kagura: Mitsumata or Tashiro?

    I also prefer driving the extra 10 minutes to start from the Tashiro Ropeway.
  9. joshnii

    What's the best time to visit Japan to ski?

    That timeframe should in theory be deep mid winter and good chances of great conditions. If you haven't already, take a look at the archive reporting on all the Now daily reports on this site. There's a lot of info there and you can see how the snow has fallen in recent seasons: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-daily-snow-weather-reports
  10. Hi lee-skier It is a long time since I did the rental thing but I think you'll find that at pretty much all but the tiniest of places there will be official gear/wear rental on offer. It's a chunk of their revenue and so they'll be offering it. Whether it's new gear or older, or whether they will have 30cm boots and the like is a different matter. There are often rental places nearby as well that are not part of the resorts themselves and you might find them to be generally cheaper. Where is it you are planning on going?
  11. joshnii

    Morning Greetings!

    Crap weather forecast for the weekend
  12. joshnii


    A few grey hairs creeping in but other than that touch wood so far..
  13. joshnii

    Beer 2014

    That idea of sticking the glass into the freezer is brilliant. Cheers.
  14. joshnii

    Important news of the day thread

    Apple has released a tool to remove U2's new album from its customers' iTunes accounts six days after giving away the music for free. Some users had complained about the fact that Songs of Innocence had automatically been downloaded to their devices without their permission. It had not been immediately obvious to many of the account holders how to delete the tracks. The US tech firm is now providing a one-click removal button. "Some customers asked for the ability to delete 'Songs of Innocence' from their library, so we set up itunes.com/soi-remove to let them easily do so. Any customer that needs additional help should contact AppleCare," spokesman Adam Howorth told the BBC.


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