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  1. Grumble grumble moan moan. Bit more grumble. Back to work on Monday. A place where one can vent.
  2. The sleep screen stays on until you either wake it up or turn it off. Don't know how much energy it uses though.
  3. Originally Posted By: igloo Quote: The Beeb's letting loose an international iPlayer app today for 11 Western European countries, and later this year, they'll dip their toe in the water for a year in the US, Canada and Australia. Anyone for streaming Doctor Who? While it'll be ad-supported, users will also have to pay 50 Euros/$70 for an annual subscription, or 7 Euros/$10 per month, and will have two bonuses over the British users of the app—streaming-support over 3G connections, instead of just Wi-Fi. The Guardian has reported they'll also be able to download episodes for viewing lat
  4. I wore a skirt once. I was playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. How mixed up is that.
  5. I'd like to be called Suzuki bread though, that would be cool. Come on, you'd have to choose a cool Japanese surname!
  6. Originally Posted By: pie-eater Tubby, this afternoon: Good outfit that!
  7. I cover up daytime around now. Bloody hot it is. Mumble grumblue mumble.
  8. Originally Posted By: snowbender Fresh coffee and home made bread with home made jam. A magic Sunday morning recipie. That sounds good. Fresh loaf of bread. Fresh coffee. Nice.
  9. Originally Posted By: pie-eater Time for the Rainbow clip I think, we haven't had it for at least a few months Haha never gets old.
  10. I'm really enjoying lots of different kind of manju recently. Local shop does a lot of different kinds and they are really good. My favorite at the moment is a brown sugar/treacle-y tasting one. Mmmmmm!
  11. Futamawagagawatawa or wherever it is that Man In Japan just mentioned in the beer thread. That's a good one. Any more please? I live in a disappointingly easily said area called "Machida".
  12. Still having trouble saying it even slowly
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