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  1. It's funny when its a police car.. not so funny when its an ambulance causing the traffic jam. Lights, sirens and a long line of cars stuck behind the ambulance that should be speeding to the scene of the emergency. Try to never injure yourself seriously in Japan, help is a long slow ambulance ride away.
  2. I would think that they would be buried in the snow that fell in with them so it might just be the lasso under the arms. When my brother fell in a glide crack (only just over his head) he had real trouble getting his skis out from under all the snow that fell in too. (perhaps even lost them, I'm not sure I wasn't there)
  3. All depends on what trees are available above the hole/crack if any.. have to make it up on the day.
  4. It might pay to add a couple of quick draws to that rope pete. That way you can set up a sort of pully system to pull people out of holes. (quite) a few years ago on this forum someone fell into a hole with a creek in the bottom of it. His mates had ropes etc. to pull him out but he still ended up very cold. Since then I have carried rope b/c. On glide cracks - if you are skiing boarding and pointed more or less down the fall line you are not likely to fall into one as the ones I have seen tend to be shorter that a pair of skis. When you stop facing across the slope in line with the c
  5. Take a look at ALL I Can. It won the best movie at the banff mountain film festival. A bit different from your average ski movie.
  6. A week or so ago I heard Sarah Burke was in critical condition following a crash in the halfpipe.. today I found out she died. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/6288659/Freestyle-Canadian-skier-dies
  7. working holiday visa would be the easiest one to get.. then email places and ask for a job. (Get the visa first or noone will want to know you) worked for me in 1999 and I suspect it would be much easier now. whoever you work for can point you in the right direction for a place to live.
  8. Jynxx - its not worth hanging around waiting for powder, but it is worth going skiing. The absence of powder doesn't mean it is not fun to ski. There are lots of steeps and fun terrain as well as parks also groomers for some hard carving if that's your thing. Also you should usually be able to find some good snow to ski on if you go BC. Its just not very often we get to ski deep fresh lines. Best town? I have done the last few seasons in Queenstown but this year we are shifting back to Wanaka to ski. If I lived closer to Christchurch I would be heading for the club fields. All have
  9. Powder in NZ is pretty hit and miss.. we were just deciding when we would take some time off work and decided on the middle 2 weeks of August was the best bet. Late enough in the season that there should be plenty of snow on the ground whatever the weather at the time. The snowfall is entirely random and could happen any time (but usually doesn't). Hard for planning holidays but ok if you live close enough to just take the day off work when you need to.
  10. I'm in Dunedin but I'll phone the place on linwood ave. I kinda need it early next week (but I'm gonna be a bit late I think), I left it a bit late organising it cos I just assumed it would be easy to find online. I have another friend trying to get me some, if he cant get any I'll get back to you and try your friend. Thanks
  11. Hey minty - I was gonna pm you but they seem to be disabled at the moment. Do you know where in NZ I could buy some Malolactic culture? I only need enough for about 60L. Also, any difference in quality between the dried stuff and the liquid ones? It is starting to look like I might have to order it from the US. This is my first attempt at making Pinot noir. thanks
  12. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Can't remember naming you in particular. And whats that about alter ego? How silly. oh... sorry about that. Who did you mean?
  13. Originally Posted By: JA Originally Posted By: blef ...All the things going on certainly don't add to the case for Japan They also don't detract from the beauty and fabulousness of the snow there! Don't be a wusss, go to Japan next season! Don't know if I would go so far as to call the above post "uppity" or "mocking". Mine was, but that's not because of his choice of holiday destination so much as his OTT reaction to JA's friendly post. Yes he used the work wusss - it was clearly a joke - see smilies afterward for clarification of meaning. I used the word prick bu
  14. Originally Posted By: Captain Stag So for the record, what combined disaster effects would you expect the average 'in town for a couple of days' visitor to notice if: 1 - It was their first time there with nothing to compare it to? 2 - If they had a few trips to Tokyo under their belt? None?? A few less lights than normal?? It wouldn't be that HHaidar was more or less right about Tokyo being business as usual in the context of being a tourist in the City would it?
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