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  1. Rusutsu has a "wave" pool too, with waterslide and also has the beginner adult ski lessons in English (Group or Private lesson).
  2. There seems a limited area for safe skiing (Peak to Chair). Sidecountry would be limited by cliffs. Apparently same under the ropeway to base. Was fully exposed to high winds on my only visit. Asahidake may be better?
  3. When skiing in the nearpiste trees, you need to be aware of not crossing the fall line, or skiing into a creek or hole, otherwise the above will apply. Spot your line, and an exit point back to the piste.
  4. back to ATM & Cards. Aus can use the "totally fee free Citibank Plus Visa Debit Card" with current exchange rate of 93.4 for ATM cash withdrawals. (note: but some local ATM owners may charge small access fee - Japan Post doesn't)
  5. probably not suitable, but checkout the Sir Francis Bacon's anyway (and an awesome name).
  6. OP See the SJ accomodation options, such as: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/hokkaido/kutchan/hurry-slowly-condominiums
  7. Hochfugen (Austria-Zillertal) impressed me - and nobody skied offpiste (which it is known for).
  8. Next Sunday (18th) should deliver some, & then looking good for the Monday at Perisher, after the weekend crowds depart.
  9. We didn't like Furano (inbounds). It seemed a good resort for piste skiers. Rusutsu & Kiroro are better choices with more options for inbounds snowboarding.
  10. & parity with A$. No wonder there's over 8million Aus international travellers annually from total pop = 22m (obviously some repeat offenders like Mama) .
  11. and been dumping in the Carngorms too apparently: "Snowing and drifting at the top. There is going to be amazing snowsports on the front part of the mountain today with a lot of pisted powder on most of the runs. Some areas at the Top are very hard packed." Time to hit up the M6?
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