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  1. Also with heading to the onsens. I have a terrible feeling my partner,she just won't be able to do it hahaha. Very shy. Is there a place that you can book a private onsen or hot tub in the Grand Hirafu village?
  2. Sweet money sorted. Now to sort out the things i plan to do. A lot of snowboarding of course. But is there any day trips or local things i should check out or do? Snowmobiling? or any other things?
  3. 2 weeks and in there! Can't wait! So I'm in the process of getting my cash together. I'm putting some money in a MasterCard travel card, with yen loaded on it. But I also need to get about $2000 in cash to take with me. Should I get all larger notes like 10000 and 5000 yen? Or get smaller aswell?
  4. With the zip that goes all the way around except for about 100mm at the front! Handy really! They have changed design because if that issue I think! Haha
  5. yeah i thought it would be ok. Better to have to much than not enough i suppose. How many sets of base layers do you take? I have a merino ninja suit, and was thinking of just buying the basic ninja suit also for normal wear.
  6. Soooooooo snowboarding wise, i mean snowboard clothing and equipment. What is the normal amount of stuff to take. I think i have overbought speaking to some people hahaha. They say "WHAT" when i say we have 2 pairs of pants and jackets each. I guess this sing normal? What do you take for a 2 week trip?
  7. Oh and I booked in a private lesson for 2 hours the first morning we are there. I may need more lessons but we wi play it as we go I think!
  8. I think I will get a mid range lens for mine. Just in case. But the mrs goggles have low ligh and a mid range lense. I hear you shouldn't walk around to much on your snowboard boots. Is this a fact?
  9. So now i have sussed out a little about the place. What about a little info about some equipment. Goggle lenses for instance. I have Oakley Airbrake goggles with H.I Yellow and Fire Iridium lenses. I know i won't need the fire iridium lens but would this high intensity yellow be ok for the whole trip? Or would i need a lens for in-between these 2? As they are right at each end of the charts. And with my partners Dragon APXs it came with the pink ionised and the blue ionised
  10. So is theft of snowboards and things a big issue? As I'm heading over soon for my first trip and don't really want my gear to go walkabouts!
  11. I'm just keen to get some real Japanese style food. That's why I'm so interested I that! I'm always heading to Japanese places where I live, but nothing could compete with the real thing!
  12. So these places are Japanese places? Expensive, like how much? Really should start thinking about places we want to eat at. So we can book it a week before we leave! Can't wait to get there and get into the snow. Snowboarding is going to hard but hope we pick it up pretty quickly! Looking into private lesson. Getting some info on it now for our first day there!
  13. Well we we are staying is just a short walk from the Ace Family Lift. As we have never been to the snow, we have never been on lifts. We definitely ned to get lessons and learn before venturing up the mountain. I think i will go the private lesson then. Just an instructor with me and the Mrs is probably going to work best. That we if we advance a bit quicker then were not stuck on a level with the others, and same goes for if we suck, and need more time on things. So looks like i should be taking all me cash with me then. I have no idea ow much yen i will need for 10 days. Is there a
  14. I was thinking of taking half my money over in yen and then getting the other half out there. The bank I'm with do travel cards with specific currency you choose. I'm going to look into that! What are some great places to eat? Is there so e great Japanese places to eat?
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