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  1. Friend of mine works for a ski-jo, they are looking to Asian travel opening up by autumn and feeling quite positive for something better than a disaster. Better than total doom and gloom outlook, I suppose!
  2. sanjo

    Holiday weekend. 20th March

    Strong winds might affect Kagura. And Kagura is the only place in Niigata I'd consider going to now. Spring has never been big for me. I've already written off the season and hoping that next year we can get back to normal.
  3. Even contemplating rain at Kagura in late January seems.... ridiculous.
  4. sanjo

    Is there enough snow in hakuba?

    I'm sure we all share the concerns. Low snowfall is like a double punch because it's a struggle at the beginning and if it doesn't catch up, the season will also end early. I remember seeing the monthly forecast on NHK a few days ago and it was saying 'warmer than normal' for lots of Japan. Wonder if February can give us lots of juice.
  5. sanjo

    Early season in Japan

    :( Hopefully Santa is going to pull through....
  6. sanjo

    Kagura early season

    Good to see Kagura will be able to open tomorrow: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-daily-snow-weather-reports/Yuzawa-Now Let's hope some snow tonight. Not that I'm going myself...
  7. sanjo

    GALA Yuzawa on a weekend

    It still gets crazy busy on weekends and can be quite busy on weekdays - but much better. And the South Area when open is often quiet. Lots of non-Japanese people around.
  8. From what I have heard, many Japanese ski resorts rather than having too many staff more often than not have problems trying to get enough staff. I am sure there is some rule for a minimum number of folk top/bottom station.
  9. sanjo

    'Japanese' style snowboard carving lessons

    I don't know about the 'Japanese style' part of what you say, but I would imagine that if you contact Japanese schools and they don't respond then it means they can't cope with the request... And I doubt more foreign based schools would offer 'Japanese style' lessons!
  10. I'm guessing that was a joke! Though..... were the Tsuchitaru > Naeba link up and Naeba > Shiga Kogen things just a silly stories? They sure were on something back then.
  11. sanjo

    Naeba & Kagura

    Go with friends who are all stoked up! (Me, me!)
  12. Not 100% sure on that. There used to be a halfpipe next to the triple lifts. As far as I can remember, that had gone. They have also got rid of the two single lifts that were over to the left of the triples. That is now one triple and the mega pipe or whatever it is called (Gungho), run by the city, is over there. Something like that!
  13. There used to be a quad from base and then two (parallel) triple lifts going up to almost the same point as the top of the gondola. Neither of those were long though. And the yuki-asobi area is hardly massive. Certainly not enough to be justifying a hugely expensive new technology gondola lift! As lovely and 豪華 as it is, it seems to me that there must surely (surely) be a big proper reason for this gear going up. And the idea mina2 posted sounds like it might well be the reason if true.
  14. sanjo

    Advice about Kagura (for beginners)

    Hi Migglesbud If you want them to remain your friend, I would say --- don't do it! Even in fluffy fresh snow Kagura is not a place for beginners. With the current late spring conditions.... definitely advise against it.
  15. Sounds rubbish SlipperyJim ;)


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