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  1. Thank you all; I was inclined towards Rusutsu but was then swayed by the weather towards Tomamu. Seems like it'll warm up somewhat during the period I'm in Hokkaido. Understand that the weather isn't constant in the resort areas. Thanks again for all the guidance and help
  2. Thanks TubbyBeaverinho, yes I like the walking to the nearby izakayas rather than just hotel food, and also Goz's recommendation that the layout in Rusutsu is better... btw, Tomamu Hoshino is having a 3 night promotion now such that the rates incl dinner vouchers are only slightly more expensive than Rusutsu resort's rates without dinner ...
  3. Thanks just that I couldn't help comparing the weather for Tomamu and am not sure which is preferred The same period for Tomamu: Days 7-9 Weather Summary: A dusting of new snow. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 2°C on Tue afternoon, min -6°C on Thu afternoon). Winds decreasing (fresh winds from the SW on Tue morning, light winds from the W by Wed night).
  4. Thanks, guys I wasn’t aware that slightly warm temp is preferred for beginners. I obtained the following forecast for March 18 to March 20: Days 7-9 Weather Summary: Days 7-9 Weather Summary: Light rain (total 2.0mm) at first, then becoming colder with a dusting of snow on Wed morning. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 4°C on Tue morning, min -4°C on Wed afternoon). Winds increasing (light winds from the NNW on Wed afternoon, fresh winds from the W by Thu night). Is the above ok? Am I correct to look at the 400 m altitude level for Rusutsu Resort for beginners pls? http://www.snowjapa
  5. Hi all, thanks for your replies again. I checked out Kiroro resort and this may be be a good idea the next time I visit Hokkaido with more time on my hands. I was about to book Rusutsu and checked the weather again. Seems like the weather is turning warm and may go up to 1 to 2 degrees celsius around 17 March 2014, with clear skies. Does this affect the skiing for beginners at the low slopes pls? Thanks.
  6. Thanks again Which is preferred, the Rusutsu North Wing, South Wing or Tower pls? Am I correct to say that the Rusutsu North/South Wing is more convenient as it is next to the skiing slopes but the Rusutsu Tower is newer?
  7. Thank you all for the helpful guidance and tips Can you please take a look at the weather forecast links below and let me know whether the Rusutsu weather forecast is likely good for beginners' skiing? There appears to be more snowfall forecast for Tomamu Hoshino than Rusutsu Resort for the period 16 March 2014 to 20 March 2014. Or is it not significant to make any real difference pls? Thanks. Rusutsu: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hokkaido/rusutsu/rusutsu-resort/snow-weather-reports Tomamu: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hokkaido/shimukappu/hoshino-resort-
  8. Hi all I’m lawrence and have bought my airtickets, arriving Hokkaido on !6 March 2014. My wife, 2 kids (aged 11 and 8) and I are planning to ski for the first time. I am considering either Hoshino Tomamu Resort or Rusutsu Resort. Based on the weather forecast for these 2 areas, please let me know which area is preferred for skiing in my circumstances, for the period 16 March to 20 March 2014. Thanks.
  9. Hi all I’m lawrence and have bought my airtickets, arriving Hokkaido on !6 March 2014. My wife, 2 kids (aged 11 and 8) and I are planning to ski for the first time. I have been considering Tomamu Hoshino and checking on the weather forecast for Tomamu. It seems that snowfall is decreasing and I’m not sure whether it will be good during the period 16 March 2014 to 20 March. We may instead go to Niseko if the weather is not conducive for skiing during that period. Any tips on this please? Thanks. (I have checked the different subforums and done a search on Tomamu, and am not sure
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