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  1. http://www.tsugarukaikyo.co.jp/ http://www.seikan-ferry.co.jp/ Here are the ferry companies websites. You made need to run them through google translate.
  2. yeah sadly. I'm gonna try Kiroro one more time then put my board away
  3. I just made the switch from purple to blue (Gallium). Its lasting much better and I haven't needed to wax as much. But i guess it depend on where you are and what you are doing.
  4. But don't stop at Hakodate. Drive straight through!!! I've spent most of this season watching the clouds go around the local park. I should have bought new skates this season
  5. So while waiting for the snow. I've been reading through the forums. And especially this backcountry section. Man, it looks fun. I know I'm more than a few seasons away from being good proficient enough to head in to the wild. I wanted to ask a couple of questions. How long before you were ready to go into the backcountry? And what are the skills and techniques I could/should be practising now that would help me in the future. cheers for any advice.
  6. lol. nope sorry. Hakodate Nanae 7e. Shes not much of a looker. But as a beginner she suits me fine. I booked super early
  7. Last week (Monday / Tuesday) was pretty snowy in Hakodate and I was super stoked. But now its just cold winds and rain.
  8. Board. Tried it a few years back. Last winter was my first full season. I can't stop day dreaming about this winter
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