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  1. Put me in Hakuba for the season. Hopefully some roadtrips around the place thrown in.
  2. Winter is coming tomorrow night. i can't wait to catch up with her.
  3. Saw the prediction of snow at resort level and it gets me excited too. First lifts could be as close as a month away now. Hopefully. Holidays can be expensive. Some good airfares around though Mr. Wiggles. Saw flights return from the UK for 430 ponds recently. Perth had air asia for about 500 bucks last week. 50000 yen return from KL also. 7 days for a family of 4 could start around 120000 yen for lift passes. Cheap accom for 120000 yen. Another 70000 for food. Transfers for 80000. Rental gear if you don't have your own 80000. Sticking within the budget is the main thing as it can easily
  4. Burton supermodel X 164 Best ride I've had. Suits my style of riding or should I say lack of style.
  5. The road through Toyashina on your way to Hakuba. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I'm happy to be here. Sometimes you have to look beyond what is directly in front of you to appreciate the beauty.
  6. Another insightful post by someone who knows little. Thanks pie-eater. Still only one laugh from me though. You have to get some better material.
  7. "the rest of the Hakuba area isn't even making an effort." I must be dreaming when I go into new restaurants and cafes. The new buildings are a figment of my imagination. Business owners telling me they have had there best summer ever - another fairytale. Investors putting a million on the table - couldn't happen. I'm glad others know what's really going on to keep me honest. Not sure where I said it was going "excellently". Maybe read the quote first.
  8. Maybe a trip to Hakuba in the warmer months will change your mind. There has been a lot of construction and renovation going on over the time I have been here. Lots of money still coming in to town from Japanese and internationals. New businesses starting up also. 47 are still proceeding with their development plans. This summer has been the biggest ever in terms of turnover for many business owners.
  9. Stay in Echoland if you want to walk to the restaurants and bars in the evening. It is easy to get to the different resorts each morning. It is not necessarily a good thing to stay at the base of a lift especially if that lift is on hold on a powder morning. Make sure you have access to other options.
  10. Just wing it. Make the decision on where to go to, a few days before. That way you will get the best conditions available in Japan.
  11. Always looking to score some free booze so here goes and welcome to the forums. I'll comment on Hakuba as it is where i live. It certainly covers your requirements that you listed. As you said, airfares are easy. I would suggest in regards to accommodation check out the list on snowjapan. There are a few to choose from. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/hotel/nagano-hakuba-accommodation.php There is some good lodge accommodation available from 4000 yen a night. Don't worry about lift pass deals. You are better off buying on a day to day basis taking advantage of the special deals the resorts have.
  12. What we have here in Japan in April will be better than what Australia can dish up in peak season (especially what they had this year). I know the locals in Hakuba are loving that time of year as I'm sure the Niseko guys would be. The weather is good, you will get cheap accommodation deals and there is still plenty of snow. If you are lucky then you might get some fresh stuff but it is about the spring skiing. For me if it was the only time in my calander I could come then I would certainly make the trip. 850 vert is still available at 47. Happo will have it's upper runs going and Tsugaike wil
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