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  1. Chains are illegal in the states most places and I'm from Michigan where it pisses down quite a lot and in my opinion the most important things to remember are: 1) Keep a safe speed, not too high, not too low. 2) Get used to sliding and learn to countersteer properly 3) Use chains when/if possible. 4) DO NOT accelerate through turns, constant light gas pressure or foot off completely. Understeering into a corner isn't a good way up or down the hill
  2. I had a Rossignol 60 before and it did great in the powder for me. My current board of choice, the Burton Hero 55, just doesn't float like the 60 does. The Powder Snake isn't the longest of boards I could be riding, but it is a hybrid board (twin wiith directional inlay) so I'm hoping to do some powder buttering this year, something that a board any longer might not allow
  3. Just bought a Salomon Powder Snake 63 for the upcoming season, anyone else riding powder boards? I also have a Burton Hero 55 and a Ride DH2 56 for the park, but this is my first powder board...
  4. Hey RaID, the Happo/Nozawa/Shiga pass is the same price (80,000) regardless of when you buy it. Here's the flyer, I think my coworkers and I are gonna apply for it tomorrow
  5. I do plan on going a ton, 2~3 times a week and most of my end of the year holiday. Last time I was out in Saitama, I still managed around 25 days before I ended up breaking my collarbone at the end of January. I've done a lot of Hakuba and really enjoyed Happo, and after Hakuba 47/Goryuu last year I'm not so keen on buying a season ticket there. I'll still be getting around, but in the end I still think the 80k will end up saving me a bit.
  6. less season tickets = more money We're gonna apply for a couple tonight. Good thing is all these passes are apply by mail and are paid for COD!!!
  7. I'm now living in Nagano City, and my coworkers and I are considering getting the Premium Nozawa/Shiga/Happo pass for 80,000, but I noticed on the flyer that they're limiting it to 1000 people. Is there a chance that even if we all apply early that we might not all get it? I've heard of how some places have drawings for passes and I'd hate it if some of us got it and others didn't. We're about 50 minutes from each resort and we need a sure thing, any suggestions?
  8. why am I not surprised everyone brought up cricket haha I've actually been playing a bit with the Nagano boys! I bowled a wicket against Hakuba last time we whipped em
  9. Collarbone healing up well, I decided to move to Nagano a few months back. Been he for awhile and wondering if there is anyone else around the area I should be meeting up with before the season starts! I'm in Nagano City btw
  10. I live in Michigan, highest unemployment and worst average crime rate, former home of the motor vehicle, current home of more rapes per capita than an Akihabara AV rack.... That being said I will be getting some form of private insurance before I even think of riding, but you're definitely right PP living in America without insurance is crazy, but thanks to rich **** like what makes up 99% of our government officials too many of us don't have access to it, on top of the fact that 15 million Americans currently have NO source of income (not even welfare or unemployment pay). If my family d
  11. I had insurance under my dad until I went to Japan, by the time I got back I was too old and since there are no jobs I have no way of getting insurance. There are ways to get insurance that will cover me in case I screw up again, but as for my shoulder there is no longer anything I can do for it. And what do you mean by Originally Posted By: panhead_pete You are living in the US and have no medical insurance? Is that plate in your head? If I had a choice I would have it but we have no standardized program and anyone that doesn't conform to the 'standard' path gets ****. Sucks b
  12. Originally Posted By: Mamabear ...I would say, go for it - ride with reasonable care (then look for a surgeon for post season). I like the way you think MB I don't think there was any point in time I doubted whether or not I'd be back out this season. As a matter of fact I remember the first question to my doctor being "when can I snowboard again?" to which he answered "soon, but probably not before the season ends..." so I know I have the drive. Unfortunately since I'm stuck in the states, without ANY of my gear, I am forced to divide my preparatory spending between new gear an
  13. So you still have a plate or something in RB? I'm sure it will hurt even after (if) I have it removed, but I was just wondering if there are any significant added dangers if I go riding without having the removal op first. I'll probably be spending most of this season in the states riding with friends who are mostly extreme newbs so I'll be going it slow for awhile anyways ;_;
  14. So I've recovered a fair bit from my accident (http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/353870/1.html) and i'm not debating what to do about this season. Unfortunately I'm back in America but I live in Michigan so there IS snow to be had. I'm pretty set on boarding this year again as a lot of my friends will be, but I will obviously be taking it easy and avoiding the park. My predicament, however, is this: I still have the plate in my shoulder and thanks to having no insurance in America I don't think I'm gonna be having it removed anytime soon (though mind you I will be purchasing
  15. Links to the pics are now in the main post, check them out! And Kraut in Hong Kong, how'd your daughter lose her memory exactly? Did she fall? I agree, though, accidents like that put everything in perspective... helmet and full pads from now on! haha
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