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  1. thanks, that kind of sucks but oh well. Ill just have to plan the trip on the assumption that they'll still have it this year.
  2. damn, just realized that its for last season. Does anyone know when they usually update there websites?
  3. thanks alot. I will be using it as im staying in nozawa for a month then planing on 3 ish weeks at happo one and then a week at shiga kogen. Thanks for the link
  4. Yeah i think its only happo-one but i'm still really interested in it. If anyone has info on where i can get one (or if i have to get it on arrival) or if its even still available that would be great.
  5. Hey I've been looking into booking my trip to japan. Im skiing mainly in nozawa but i heard theres a 3 resort pass including nozawa, hakuba and shiga kogen (not entirely sure on the 3). If anyone has any info on where i could buy it that would be great.
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