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  1. [sorry for the delay in this being posted, hhaidar did try to post this earlier but for some reason it wasn't appearing.] I would like to thank everyone on the forum who helped me out with planning my trip/giving me info about Japan, and encouraging me to come after the events of March 11th when everything at home said don't go. I also appreciate that people read what I wrote and took the time to comment on it and also to criticize. I'm hoping I can clear a few things up with this response. To address some specific criticisms...in the line about "Fukushima being under control" al
  2. Hey everyone. My girlfriend and I visited Japan three weeks after the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami. I would like to take a moment to thank the people on this forum who encouraged me to come when so many at home were discouraging. We had an unbelievable experience. -hanna After the Earthquake: Japan “Why you don’t escape Japan?†This is the first question I was asked by a local when I arrived in Japan with my girlfriend Patti less than a month after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. There was a sense of frustration in our bus driver’s voice. In addition to the
  3. Well, its been a long day but we made it to Niseko this afternoon. The train ride from Sapporo to Kutchan was beautiful...and it snowed most of the way here! Niseko itself felt like a ghost town this evening...the combination of late season and the current situation seems to have cleared the place right out. We ran into VERY few non-japanese between Haneda and Niseko. I say that just as an observation, not a criticism one way or another. I look forward to riding fresh snow at at an almost empty resort tomorrow. I will say this...I am very happy we decided to come to Japan. People h
  4. The girlfriend and I are in haneda right now about to head to Niseko. We are happy to be able to continue with our plans and bring our business to Hokkaido. If anyone is going to be riding between april 3 through april 5, say hi! I rock a grey ak jacket w/a never summer evo. All the best.
  5. Just my .02 and I hope I don't get torn apart for it...there seem to be some very strong opinions in this thread. I had booked a trip to Niseko for april 2-6 about a month ago. When the earthquake/tsunami happened I nearly cancelled, it didn't look possible to go. I'm sure many people did. At this point though, the situation in Japan looks much better to me and we are going. I feel that the foreign media (ESPECIALLY here in the US) does a lot of fear-mongering to attract attention. Does that mean I think everything's fine at Fukushima? Absolutely not. But I do feel safe continuing with
  6. Hi all, I'm a new member here, am very impressed with all the info on the site. I'm hoping for some guidance on where to stay in Niseko for 4 nights, April 2nd-5th. I know its late season and things start slowing way down...so we would want to be close to Hirafu. I'm looking for a private room w/bath..doesn't have to be luxury, but more than a hostel. I'm traveling with my GF and would like her to be comfortable..if it was just me it would be hostel all the way. Does anyone have any recommendations? About the trip...if you're interested. I'm writing a children's snowbooard t
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