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  1. I thought this needed it's own thread Quote: A tiny water boatman is the loudest animal on Earth relative to its body size, a study has revealed. Scientists recorded the aquatic animal "singing" at up to 99.2 decibels, the equivalent of listening to a loud orchestra play while sitting in the front row. The insect makes the sound by rubbing its penis against its abdomen in a process known as "stridulation". Researchers say the song is a courtship display performed to attract a mate. Micronecta scholtzi are freshwater insects measuring just 2mm that are common across E
  2. Never been to Japan but will be there in a couple of weeks. Live near Perth in Australia.
  3. Actually, I found this thread to be especially useful. Thanks all!
  4. Hi, first post here. I have had a first Japan trip to Niseko planned since December now and will be going in 2 weeks. I was shocked to see what happened of course but will still happily be going to enjoy my trip up there. Excited to read the now reports every day and can't wait to get there. Even a Mag9 doesn't scare me!
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