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  1. Personally I think it's incredible you kept going so long with some of the crap and under-appreciation you had to put up with at times. But yes a big thanks and will be keeping an eye on the site and new stuff. Looking forward to the daily reports, it won't be long now before it's my daily start to the day with a coffee! For some reason I read them all every day, even places I have no intention of going to! Well, maybe I will one day.
  2. I wonder if ANY pols do not do at least some "misuse" of funds.
  3. Sounds like she's handed in her resignation.
  4. With less edges, are there more mistakes of hitting the screen without you wanting too, that sort of thing?
  5. OK here is a question: Is it Ebisu or Yebisu?
  6. I guess he means difficult as in controlling yourself to eat so little in a day. It can't be easy.
  7. Not a good week on this front for me. Must gambaru more this week.
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