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  1. I really like the smaller second park at Goryu. Usually quiet and short enough to easily keep hiking the kicker. Then had one of the biggest buzzes of last winter when I finally managed to make it to the end of that rail
  2. Cheers for the help, I'll have a look on TGR. Fortunately my mate has reappeared so things should be cool. Have a good winter and drop me a line if you make it to Red this season and I'll buy you a beer.
  3. Not really connected to Japan but I know there's a fair few Canadian experts on here so thought I'd ask.... Am about to do a season at Red Mountain and am looking for accomodation in Rossland as my mate who was going to help me out over there has dropped off the face of the earth. Does anyone know any good Canadian websites/forums for people looking to rent for a season? Any help at all would be class. In return if anyone happens to be in need of help in working out the complicated sequence of events that would need to take you from the sprawling metropolis of Okayama to the mountai
  4. It seems knees are an important body part for skiing/snowboarding and also seem prone to buggering up. Mine are feeling pretty fragile after two years of riding a too small silver granny bike and playing football on rock hard pitches. Any recommendations for good ways to preserve your knees through exercise or diet?
  5. Can`t understand that signing at all. What are we going to do with him? Maybe he can work as a sales assistant in Chelsea village. Will be very interested to see how Arsenal do without Viera, reckon it`ll take a season to adjust. What do you Arsenal fans think?
  6. Enjoyed those a lot, especially the `where is now', is there some sort of story behind that title?
  7. The links in here worked for me about 30min ago. Cheers!
  8. So predictions people: a)Champions League winner b)Top 3 premiership places c)Relegated d)FA Cup I`d have to go for: a)Chelsea (I hope more than think) b)Chelsea (if we don`t get fined too many points ), then Arsenal, then Liverpool c) Get vertigo so can`t look that far down d)Man U
  9. It tastes different from other meat I`ve tasted. If you didn`t know what it was you could probably guess from the texture and taste. I quite liked it to be honest, though vaguely rubbery. I`m sure it can be made into a real delicacy. Then again I`m sure the same is true about the whale scientists. Here`s another article about it http://www.guardian.co.uk/conservation/story/0,13369,1512053,00.html
  10. I hope Gerrard does leave Liverpool if that`s their schedule. If not he`ll be dead by the World Cup! (sorry scouser;))
  11. IT`s not a requirement for the JET programme. In fact it may be a disadvantage. The ALTs I know who are qualified teachers are the most frustrated with their jobs, most of the ones that started the same time as me two years ago, left as soon as they could. I think for most other English teachers here qualifications are necessary. I wonder sometimes what qualifications the Japanese English teachers need.
  12. I`m curious about this question of leaving lighting on vs. turning it on and off as you need it. For example with rooms you`re not using at the moment. How long does a light have to be off before it starts making a difference? Obiously it varies according to different lighting but can you give me a rough idea. Are we talking about switching a light on using the same amount of energy as having a light on for 5 minutes; or is it more like 1 hour?
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