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  1. I had a great time in Nozawa onsen this weekend! I have been too busy to go skiing this winter but I could ski with Ewok and Risa finally. They also enjoyed thier first time Nozawa onsen experience. It was really fun weekend. Thank you very much for the tickets SJ!!!
  2. I liked Kurumayama, the slopes aren't so long but very wide and fun. It's beautiful view from the top. As you may know, that Chuo area doesn't get too much snow and most days are sunny. If you are ready for manmade hard snow, you can enjoy. The neaby resort I liked was Echovalley. It's very small but slopes are steeper.
  3. From Wikipedia and some slow research, First ski resort in Japan was Goshiki Onsen in Yamagata 1911, it didn't have a ski lift. The first ski lift was on the Moiwayama 1946, but it was just for occupation forces. Shiga Kogen also set up ski lift for them next year. The first resort set up civilian use ski lift was Kusatsu in 1948. I'm trying to find out the oldest ski resort in Hokkaido... Ofcourse there were some skiers in the mountains already..., and Moiwayama got the ski lift for occupation forces, but Otaru Tenguyama 1952 was the oldest civilian use ski lift in Hokkaido,
  4. Hey King, I was at Shida shita, too. from 11ish to 1pm with Rob and two other girls. It was getting too windy in the afternoon and we decided to go home for lunch. I think I'm going to have a lesson next time from CHP nori san.
  5. I think it's true. We can have fresh fine fish all over Japan, from Kyusyu to Hokkaido.(Okinawa fish is different, they are very colourful...) Moreover, good fish comes to Japan from all over the world and consumed here. I had really good Sushi in Denver several years ago, I thought they imported fish from Seattle or somewhere in ths US and I was so impressed by their fish quality. But the true story is... they import fish from Fukuoka everyday: Quote: Sushi Den was born in 1985 when Toshi, who had been a chef in Tokyo and Los Angeles, and Yasu, who had been a chef in L
  6. Oyuki, there is a bike path along the Chikuma river, from Ueda to Shinonoi instead of boring route18. http://masakn.web.infoseek.co.jp/gglmap/03021002.htm
  7. I use ostrich bike bag. It's very easy. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/artodbox/c/0000003364/ Otsukaresama, Oyuki! Thanks for putting your route on bikely. 100km ride sounds good, riding along the river is also good, but route 406 from Nagano... it looks really tough...
  8. Oyuki, I'd love to join you next time! From Karuizawa to Hakuba, is it about 100-120km? Could you put your route on bikely.com? ger, CB, let's do Shikoku ride together! Some of my bike friends went to Shikoku during Golden week, they said it was really nice ride. Jumping in the cold water after cycling in summer is sooooo good!
  9. Hibakari(Japanese keelback)?? http://baikada.com/JSM/?cat=15
  10. Wow! Nice TR and pics, King! That debris shot is unique and cool. I hope Yamashiro san gets better soon, though... Originally Posted By: Ewok 2 looking forward to seeing girls TR as well Ewok, you should go this weekend with Dan and Risa. I'm looking forward to Ewok's TR.
  11. Thanks for caring for my back and sending me your genki, Markie. I will be in good condition next time I see you and have fun ski with you and sunrise, I promise. le petit tonneau It'll be good night for my one week delay birthday dinner with some good friends and my favourite music. See you there, sunrise.
  12. I really enjoy this annual Easter gathering with Markie, thanks for organizing the party FT. It was very nice Saturday night sitting around the fire with good friends and Sunrise's beautiful voice. Mr.Wiggles's new hair style is way cool! We missed you, CB...
  13. Thanks CB, Serreche, thursday, sunrise. I was relieved when the doctor said it was a benign tumor called "osteoid osteoma". Actually he apologized that the first doctor couldn't explain about this tumor and said something wrong... It looks like I have a small pingpong ball in my spine. No pain in the daytime but intense pain at night is typical symptom of this tumor. I'm on painkiller now and hoping this pain will disappear after two weeks.
  14. I'm with you, bobby. Old doctors are so useless. The first doctor I visited last week had no confident when he found a tumor in my spine, he was probably over 60years old. He was like, "It looks like benign tumor... but benign tumor can be malignant tumor sometimes..." !! The second doctor was very clear to tell me it was benign tumor. From my experience, second docotor is always better. I could meet two nice doctors after careless treatment by first doctors.
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