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  1. How could I miss this thread?! You guys have taken it to a new level This is pure awesomeness, please keep going.
  2. Muika, these are the best avalanche pics I have seen in a while. A friend told me JAN is having some kind of awareness event where people are sending in pics of avalanches via Twitter. I do not know the details but you may want to consider sending them in as those would have great educational value.
  3. Yes, very happy about that. Was weakened (not surprising) and some frostbites on hands but made it out alive. Really great to hear some good news once in a while.
  4. I knew you'd say that Muika. Disclaimer: I do not know at what time the cars next to me parked nor when they decided to wipe the snow off their hood. I actually put my car with one of last season's snow fall in a deep freeze and took it out just for this picture.
  5. I think the moisture content of the new snowfall (density) is the key to this question. Otaru will typically have snowfall with a higher moisture content than that of the Niseko Resort Area. If 10cm of snow falls in Otaru and 10cm of snow falls in my neighbourhood of Higashiyama, once compacted by humans, machines or additional snowfall the snowpack will be higher in Otaru. Plus there have been significant rain events in Niseko that compacted or depleted the snowpack to almost nothing. Otaru may have missed these rain events. The sasa in this area can grow to almost 2m in heigh
  6. Wouldn't want you to go round in circles forever Muika. Back of Stella. Did not measure exactly but 40cm looks about right. My hood is 'bottomless'.
  7. Thanks SJD, our posts are criss-crossing each other. Had not see your answers when I posted. Cheers for that.
  8. Thanks SJD, did not see the running total at the bottom of the page. I'll make sure to check it out going forward. I assume then that the japan-wide depth chart is not live at the moment, it was quite interesting to see how thing stacked-up across regions but I guess it is an enormous amount of effort to collect and maintain. Pie I reckon you just stumbled upon the secret reason for the bottomless conditions there! I understand things can vary widely from place to place. I just cleared 40cm of snow off my car this morning near Yuzawa while Kagura was reporting 15-20cm up top. Guess the
  9. I see Otaru is reporting almost 3x as much depth as Niseko while a gentleman with his own thread on Niseko is saying they've been having almost 5m of snowfalls season-to-date. Obviously snow does pack down, is wind-affected, etc... but I am thinking that after almost 5m the sasa we still see on the pics should be gone. We also know some resorts after a certain threshold under-report. anyway, I was trying to locate the SJ resort rankings per official depth and could not find it anymore. Could somebody point me in the right direction? I am guessing numbers should look much better after today. Th
  10. "Lucky boys" insurance isn't going to get him home...http://www.mycause.com.au/page/56191 Some of you, like me, may want to chip in to help this family get their son home. However the bigger message here for the community (SJ + Niseko + Seasonal Workers Community that is) is to check your insurance policy. If you don't have $100,000 AUD (9.7million Yen) that you can access in pretty short order then you can not NOT afford to have appropriate insurance. It has raised a few questions for me regarding seasonal work and insurance as it will effect my own bearcub this next season - and if
  11. Thanks for the additional information Hado (keeping the hearsay caveat in mind). I had never heard of suffocation incident in a glide crack before in Japan. Obviously it does not mean it's never happened before. I still can't wrap my head around to how unlucky it was to get 2 such incidents on the same day in the same location...
  12. I think nobody questions Niseko's great track record with regards to safety. Accidents have happened and will happen again, same applies everywhere. On the other hand I do not think that most people in this thread are trying to ratchet up the fear factor about the place, it seemed to me more like people trying to get some information on how to be better prepared. I think this is a matter of perception obviously and everybody is different. Regarding the 2 accidents that took place, we still do not know if it was due to trauma or suffocation. The snow that bridges those cracks tends to be sl
  13. Taking the road analogy, in normal conditions then yes, a feak accident should not lead to an irrational fear factor. Now, assume the road due to extraordinary circumstances is iced-up and full of sink holes for the foreseable future. It probably does not hurt to have people informed about the conditions and know how to deal with these specific cirsumstances. Once the road is fixed (say next season) then it is all back to 'normal'. We have to adapt to changes in circumstances. We can't say it is always safe or dangerous, conditions change, and this year there happens to be a lot of glide c
  14. Just a few comments. * I had never heard of a death in a glide crack in Japan before, so 2 deaths on the same day in the same resort in 2 diffrents spots...I was just stunned. Amazingly bad luck. * Glide cracks are everywhere this season due to the early season weather pattern, more than usual (just check Muika's pics of Tenjin for example) * On the other hand I have heard of many fatalities when people fall in creeks/holes with running water and die of hypothermia. * There are many accidents that are not reported on the forums (example of the 2 avie deaths in Tenjin 1 or 2 years ago in
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