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  1. Pain train in hakuba, expensive trip to kurodake or stop being a fool and wait one more week? decisions, decisions.
  2. Looks like it was windy this morning but then up and running. Contemplating a mad dash up to Asahikawa but common sense is telling me that -12 white out conditions are not the best introduction to a mountain I have never hiked/skied before for first turns of the season. And yet...
  3. Niseko was utterly awesome this weekend. Not much more that can be said really.
  4. Originally Posted By: Rag-Doll um.. Nara and Kyoto are two that sping to mind. 10min on wiki searching Japanese history will tell when and why grid systems are not new to Japan. That said, any logic to Sapporo's city planning doesn't share the same history as those places. It really cracks me up, this whole "cultural ski trip" thing. What a load of nonsense. If you want to get a feel for Japanese culture take an extra week and spend some time in Kyoto or in Takayama or some of the other more out of the way places that still retain a lot of pre-Meiji history. Go there, see it and enjoy your
  5. Originally Posted By: SKI Yes, I can think of so many....... I'll give you until tomorrow to save yourself from embarrassment.......
  6. Grid system cities have been around in Japan for well over a thousand years, let's not just go making up our own convenient histories (although I do largely agree with what GN says otherwise).
  7. Originally Posted By: SJForums Incorrect. No IP addresses are banned. Not quite as dramatic sounding though is it... My error then if that's the case. Anyway I don't think we're likely to hear from him.
  8. I know a guy who skis them now (this weekend in fact) but his IP is banned so I don't think you'll be hearing from him. Anyway he has a ski for every occasion and these seem to be getting a lot of use on piste but will clearly go elsewhere from just looking at them.
  9. Definitely the number one content provider at SJ, great info. What do you think the peak run would be like mid-season? Looks like just the right gradient to get a bit slidey...
  10. I am not sure about Hellbents and I don't think you're likely to find many people around here with technical knowledge that is super detailed. For what it's worth K2 skis are meant to ski longer than they quote, as you mention. Also from your other thread I would heartily reccoment gotamas as an everyday ski (it's what I have) although if you will mainly be skiing in an area prone to iciness you might want to reconsider. Gotamas generally ski shorter than the quoted size, so the opposite to K2 stuff. Maybe the Barking Bear might have some people who could help you with these questions?
  11. Originally Posted By: MikePow Glen Claydon Image Early November! I haven't heard of Glen but that's a nice crisp shot. Hope to cross paths with you if you're meeting with Tsonda around NY.
  12. will be in hokkers 28-3rd. haven't sorted it out yet but hopefully do the prev long weekend in hakuba. have agreed to work christmas day itself but I don't really mind too much tbh.
  13. Very nice to see. I (probably) won't be in Niseko until the end of December but can't wait to get my own first turns within the next few weeks.
  14. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Quote: HENCE if you are in Japan - Hong Kong - Singapore - UK - US everything is AOK because the yen hasn't plummeted like it has for us Australians June: 1 pound = 220 yen Now: 1 pound = 150 yen (About). Hardly havin' a laff is it now? Revenge of the yen earners! Suddenly a trip to RMR and Kicking Horse doesn't seem so crazy...
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