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  1. Well, I'm well and truly out of holiday mode again with work piled up, Uni assignments that need doing and no ski trips planned in the foreseeable future. The Ski trip was great and the free day in Niseko a bonus. I haven't forgotten about providing a trip report, I just honestly have no time right now, but I plan to do one in the coming weeks, including hopefully some edited footage from my piles of clips and photos. Thanks SJ.
  2. I managed to track it down, and used the pass, great times were had. Thanks. 2 days of skiing left, watching anxiously for some heavy snowfall! 9 days in Hirafu and its been clear skies nearly the whole time!
  3. Hello! I've just finished my second day of skiing in Niseko, having a ball, however the free ticket was destined for my accommodation (the vale) and the reception had not seen or heard of it? In any case, I'll be doing a trip report when I return, I need to take more photos and video!
  4. I used the head strap for a while, as I don't yet have a helmet, but I opted for the chestie instead, it provides a much more natural view than being on top of your head. I'm 6 foot 4, so having a fisheyed view from way up there really makes the footage look strange. Having the camera right on your chest looks much more natural. Yesterday I also made a pole out for my GoPro using an old ski pole. to the OP, good luck with the camera retrieval, I think if a local finds your camera in the spring, the kindness of the Japanese may lean in your favour, so long as your contact details can be
  5. last time I went, before I had the 28° card, I just visited an ATM infrequently and got large amounts, enough to last me at least a few days. No problems.
  6. Haha thats right mate, Treble Cone certainly has some nice steeps and chutes... suffice to say Treble Cone and cruizy don't usually go in the same sentence. treble cone is one of the greatest places I've ever skiied. not for snow quality though, but just everywhere is so much fun.
  7. you could prove both theories at once; give him a stick and a rock and see how long it takes him to macgyver a hammer
  8. That is so epic. Sir, if I wore hats, I would tip my hat at that, very impressive.
  9. not really a ski movie. not really a movie. but possibly the best 25 minutes of footage there is...
  10. I know that 23rd Jan would suit DiGriz, myself and anything. This date work for others?
  11. there is an option in the settings so that it records as soon as it turns on. It's handy because when you're wearing gloves and it's on your helmet, it can be easy to accidentally change a setting, so you choose the setting you want, and only use the power button.
  12. 28degreescard.com.au just don't ever use it as a normal CC. I have it for travel only.
  13. I got $500AU worth of cash in Yen to get us by for places with no card, and I have a 28degrees card (no international fees) that is loaded into credit (they owe me money) and it allows you to use it at ATMs at the current exchange rate with no fees. It's a great card for travelling, as it's free, just don't ever EVER go past the interest free period. <-- there's always a catch, and that's where they'll get your money.
  14. Okay, great, thanks for the suggestion, I will have a gander in the Alpen hotel ski shop.
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