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  1. Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be claiming it on insurance. Guess I'll just accept that its gone and a miracle will be needed for it to be returned. What sucks more is that I was using a 64GB card i had just bought for the upcoming Black edition. Had some good Kyushu driving and Otaru > Sapporo train ride on there as well!!! I tried the helmet strap but camera kept flopping about, the tape felt so strong when i put it on but i guess the impact was pretty rough. Oh well ... lesson learnt for next time.
  2. Hi All, Long time lurker and have gotten a lot of advice from reading through the forums here. Long story short as I got to get on the bus in 10 minutes... I lost my gopro 2 at Furano on Friday 4th January. It was on the Kitanomine side on the "Giant" run. I hit a bump under all the powder and flipped forward, go pro must of come off my helmet and i didnt realise until i was nearly at the bottom. Lodged a lost property report but since this run is ungroomed Im unsure if it will ever be found unless someone finds it and hands it in. Went back the very next morning and looked
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