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  1. Not easy. We had trouble finding even short-term accommodation in Kutchan Feb this year. Stayed at Hotel Yotei. Nice hotel, with onsen, restaurant, walk to town and bus to Hirafu. All staff speak in Japanese only, one of the guys here in the forums who works in Kutchan organised it for us (sorry, I won't name him as I'm sure he has no ambition to become a travel agent). Might be pricey for long-stay, though. Never saw any share-house options. Good luck.
  2. Whatever the reason, I think it's great. Who, a couple of years ago, would have forseen a rookie team leading the constructors', with Red Bull and Toyota following, and Ferrari sitting on 3 points after 4 races. I've just put in my order for some BrawnGP merchandise, they're looking the goods. If it's good enough for Richard Branson to open his chequebook, then they must be onto something.
  3. Originally Posted By: Go Native One good bit of news, there will be an international ATM in the village next season! There, how easy was that? Took no time at all Now for the rest of the wish list...
  4. You will need extra software to decode .flac format, too.
  5. It's a fish market. If you're not there to buy fish, find something else to do. I can't believe it's a tourist attraction... "Oooh, look at that.... fish!" Having said that, never been there.
  6. Hey, they're all good. I don't have any favorites.
  7. Change the iTunes import settings to "Apple lossless", (or something like that) rather than the default 128kb/s bit rate, and you should have no loss of quality.
  8. You'll be just fine, just be aware that you're not in Yorkshire any more. Although I suspect there will be a few clues to remind you...
  9. Condolances to the family, and props to all involved in the search. Lets hope it's a long time before we have a thread like this again.
  10. First skied in 1996, and had trips in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France and Switzerland before we hit Japan for the first time, in Feb '05.
  11. Gareth, I went to Uni after state school, and I think there is more than a grain of truth in that argument. My kids will be going to a private school, though.
  12. I'm a simple bloke, and don't really understand business culture of any persuasion, but the front page of the newspaper every day tells me the J economy is f***ed at the present time, as are all their export markets, and I'd be surprised if any leisure-based enterprises can see past next season, let alone have a long term development plan in place.
  13. This season? Definitely less good than some in the past, but still good. If it was bad for you, then your timing and/or destination may have been mischanced, or as MikePow says, maybe you just didn't get out enough.
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