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  1. Always admired how you have run the website and the forums (the latter sometimes in the face of surely huge annoyances). I also look forward to continue using the site and seeing where it goes. Going to send a few names of like to have contact with, if you can help. Cheers guys and keep up the great work with the site. Hope you can get out enjoying the slopes too.
  2. Yet another on now. This time, housing pros coming to Japan and commenting on how wonderful Japanese housing is. Oh yes.
  3. frannyo

    Good movies you've seen recently

    The Hellraiser movies. Well, a bit rubbish really, especially after the first one.
  4. Nakanojo on the news today.... where the Obuchis are from
  5. frannyo

    Morning Greetings!

    Can they not turn on the plants for the day!
  6. frannyo

    Breaking: Underwear news

    Shopping on a mobile, no thanks.
  7. frannyo

    Friday Funnies

    Can someone cheer me up?
  8. frannyo

    Beer 2014

    ....to share?
  9. The discounts disappearing or getting less really sucks.
  10. It's 'possible' that lots of volcanos might erupt, and big earthquakes happen. What do they do, evacuate 80% of Japan?
  11. Yes, seems an off way to 'say' it


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