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  1. No firm plans yet, lucky that I don't need to do flights. Mad busy the last few months. Will definitely get to Hakuba but hoping to try Zao this season.
  2. Thanks guys and good luck. I have been really busy lately and not been online as much generally. Will of course still be using the website though.
  3. Oh yes oh yes, they are just fantastic.
  4. The classic Songs From the Big Chair by Tears For Fears - and 8 song album - is being released as a 6 disc box set. Great album, but 6 discs!! (Admiteddly one is Blu-Ray audio and another is a video DVD).
  5. Here's one - Kraftwerk. Never took any notice even though lots of the music I liked referenced them. I remember hearing The Mix on a brilliant system though and it sounded amazing.
  6. What's wrong with that? I love hearing music in fantastic quality - the music I love sounds much better (to me) on my system at home than on poor quality pc speakers. I can hear all the clear details, everything that's going on........ So does music I don't like - still don't like it, but can appreicate the sonic quality. I'm trying to think if there's much music I became to like after hearing it properly. I bet there is. Need to check!
  7. I really don't need any faster now. Just concentrate on making it cheaper please!
  8. It would be but I don't think that's what they are really saying here.
  9. Good points, Mr Wiggles. But still. Loudness is part of the problem yes and robs people who even have the decent equipment from hearing what they should be.
  10. I thought it was going to be longer than 22 minutes! But quite interesting all the same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDZcz-V29_M I want my hi-fi! I really do think many (most?) people simply don't know what they are missing listening to rubbish file formats all the time. That is sad.
  11. Still liking the new Coldplay one, which surprises me!
  12. there's a film out soon calld distortion of sound, about how compressed mp3sand the loudness wars have really spoilt lots of music recently. Looking forward to seeing that.
  13. My own selected best of REM. They did some great songs.
  14. I have been watching all of Game of Thrones the last few weeks, up to nearly the end of the 3rd season. It is really good. I see the 4th season has just ended as well. Star putting it on here from July.
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