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  1. Thanks for the advice Black Mountain. I never broken a bone before in my life and in one go I fell forward (normaly I lift my toes, go back side and slow down but it snaped soo quickly) my elbow hit the ground driving the upper arm up slicing the top ball of the arm and fractuing the neck along the arm (made a meal of it) The so called 'season' in Aus is out of the question while I heal, but I like to see (if I heal in time) is a simple 7 day trip in Japan with nothing but lessons and training. I had a great time hell even Jetstar where very helpful on the return trip (!) if I need leg st
  2. thanks mate... I need to heal up then get back on the board otherwise this will spook me forever. also lessons on how not to catch a forward edge on my board
  3. Hi all. Sorry I have not been in contact but I had a great japan trip back in Jan.. 7 days in Nis then 1 night rest in Tokyo then 7 days in Myoko but on the 2nd last snowday I became one of the many muppets who had a stack and broke my arm. I got back to aus (much thanks to the great hotel staff in both Myoko and in Tokyo) and had a operation where they inserted 9 pins and a plate. I am still resting and taking it easy and trying to work out how I messed it up on a easy run...
  4. I brought tickets to a NYE rave at a water park which was cancelled 6 hours before it was due to start
  5. That letter was a hoot and is doing the rounds in the news today. Back in 07 I flew from San-Francisco to London via LA. I arrive well before time and as I see my backpack (which only had a ipod and clothes in it) make 7 trips into the xray machine. The TSA agent gives me the most filthy look I have ever seen from a human and sends me on my way. After the expected 5 hour delay, I board something I swore I saw on Air Crash Investigation one too many times... I made it to LA just in time to catch my flight to London. On the flight itself the woman (I think) behind me was fat enough s
  6. Happy new year alll. I stayed at home after becoming one of the 13000 orphans from the WetnWild cancellation yesterday. Anyhooo time to get ready on my trip to Japan, flying out on the 9th of this month
  7. Morning yalll (doing night shifts) Well the 2014 trip is paid for (called Sandstone) I fly out on the 9th of Jan, overnight in Tokyo then fly up north and head to Niseko for 7 nights then fly back to tokyo where I rest for 2 days then 7 nights in Myoko before overnighting again in Tokyo for my flight back home.
  8. All I can say is WOW well done mate. I would naturally be interested on how you learnt how to make it (also like the look of your press) but I guess there is google for that Very nice job. it is great to see people make stuff
  9. (I live in Australia) England Hong Kong Japan (of course) USA PNG New Zealand (Just dont tell customs you come from 'The Mainland') Canberra (when I get off the bus for the rest stop while going to the snow I ask where do I get my passport stamped )
  10. Well in my travels I saw this on youtube today of a 3d printer making a clay pot [media=''] [/media] and this very cool video was posted on Hackaday [media=''] [/media]
  11. thats what most mendel builders do then get cranky and give up. you may find some parts they print on ebay
  12. !! The Printer... Not a gun Anyway I forgot to turn on hotlinking for snowjapan. the pic should work again
  13. Hey All Long Time No Type I don't care much about the hype on the 3d gun (helps the Jurnos on a slow news day) I just hope lawmakers don't get their nickers in a wad and pass laws to ban people making stuff (3d printers, cnc etc) I have thought of building one for fun. I allready have a cnc machine and some parts for a c02 laser but everything is on hold for now because of a house move, then raising the budget for my next Japan trip this is my cnc which is in boxed up
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