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  1. Quote: Hey! 80 ain't that far off! How old are you JA, if you don't mind me asking!
  2. And the ones visiting on a fixed schedule wearing too many rose-tinted glasses sometimes!
  3. 85 doing a bungie. Wow! I can't imagine doing that now but I never really liked heights!
  4. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Well I was out wake boarding on the weekend again ... and met the park owner. A champion water skier who still indulges on a regular basis who is in his EIGHTIES!!! The man looked 60 tops! That is impressive. Something to aim for surely!
  5. It is interesting Jynxx yes. But I feel much younger now. Thank you!
  6. One thing I am learning to enjoy more is massage! There is nothing better than having a day skiing, then have an onsen and massage. Quote: My father-in-law is 67 this year and has slowed down a little bit - he cycles on average 90km per day, 7 days a week!! That is impressive!
  7. Perhaps my English wasn't so good. Sorry. What I mean is, my age now compared with when I was late teenager. I know I am not "old" as such, but I can notice changes.
  8. Hello. I am Daisuke, I am from Iwate. I was skiing since I went with school in Iwate. Now I am (about, maybe a little more!) 35 year old. Still I am good shape but I noticed recently my skiing don't become better -- but maybe the opposite. I suppose we can't fight the body become older than before! I still try to improve though. It's great fun.
  9. About 25 years now. Unfortunately I feel my skill level now decrease each year as i get older!
  10. My school took me. At first I didn't want to do it. But I soon became to love skiing.
  11. I grew up near Shizukuishi and so that was my first. Now I live near to Appi Kogen. Both is in Iwate Prefecture.
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