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  1. My best few days this season in Sugadaira. Snow was great and good weather too, but with good bunch of friends and not busy. I find all the rugby themed things there a bit odd though!
  2. But I think you can choose from a few different
  3. I went to few new place this season (should I say last season?) - Madarao and Tangram - Mt Norikura - Dynaland I liked them all, enjoy trying new place.
  4. Loveland Pass is a great name! As for all night, my friend down in Hiroshima has done a few very late night turns, she loves it. Not done myself.
  5. My friend has it. He always buys these things as soon as released. I took a look, it looked pretty but totally different from used to Window. Did not know what to do! He seems quite pleased though.
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