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  1. My friend went over New Year. Said it was just too busy. I'd be tempted to do the earlier stint myself.
  2. I go for snug fit, I like snug fit. I also buy new ones every few seasons.
  3. Not as many as I would have liked. (Aren't most people like that?) But I had 5 days in Niseko that were outstanding, timed to perfection.
  4. Disagreeing is by definition negative. Possibly. But yeah I will echo what most people said, these forums are thankfully without all the ott attitude and posing that afflicts most on the same subject, and that is a great thing. Well done for the service and nurturing it SJ and long may your success continue. Try to ignore the downbeaters.
  5. Flick called Grown Ups came on and for some reason I just kept on watching. A fairly lightweight comedy with Adam Sandler. Got a few chuckles out of it.
  6. Friend of mine gave me 6 small bottles of Newcastle Brown. Looks like it's on the "omiyage" list that people can buy and pretend they bought while they were overseas. No complaints though!
  7. The ones in the pack are good enough for me as well. I don't watch enough really so don't want to be paying extra.
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