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  1. Sorry I have probably missed a lot of relevant info, but how has it been in Fukushima generally? I know it's a big area, and that the ski hills are quite a way from 'Fukushima'. Are people going back?
  2. Hi It was my first time in Japan and I was stoked about the awesome tales of bottomless-ness and the like. But I was very disappointed with snow conditions. I hit Japan in February during a particularly dry spell and honestly it fell way short of expectations. I can definitely see the potential so maybe I have to get back. But if you hit poor in February, when is less of a risk? Mid January?
  3. Spent a week in Vail. Spent 5 days in Hakuba and 5 days in Myoko in February. Sadly I didn't time it well for snow conditions, it was disappointing. I would like to go back when conditions are better.
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