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  1. I kind of want to start this thread so I can show my friends who keep on asking me. Probably one every year but hey, it's a new year. So, if you had to pick a 2 week period to go to Japan for best snow conditions, when would you plump for? Other things being equal.
  2. I get through gloves every year. I like them when they're all new and fluffy feeling!
  3. I know what you mean Mamabear. Lets see how she does. Will be interesting to see if Bolt will be ready to do his stuff.
  4. It seems this is being taken to somewhat hysterical lengths.... today they had the people of Numata - in Gunma! - being intereviewed about how worried they were that it was going to fall out of the sky on top of them. Gunma?!
  5. Endaka again now it seems, if you are changing to Euro's you're laughing. I just changed some USD to send before me and got a good rate. Not complaining for sure.
  6. I am hoping to get somewhere just after New Year. Perhaps somewhere in Nagano. No rush with plans but got a chunk of holidays booked 4th January - 14th.
  7. Ah reminds me of my time there earlier this season. Love Myoko. Thanks snowjunky. Hope the knee is doing ok.
  8. A few of my friends were reluctant but I persuaded them and they were very happy to visit. Really had a good time in Nagano for just over a week. Next year no excuses for anyone!
  9. Good to hear things from Fukushima. How did the season end up numbers wise, do you know Metabo?
  10. This year it was just a visit to Japan. We stayed with friends in Nagano, spent 3 days in Sugadaira and then 6 days in Myoko. Will post some pictures soon.
  11. If you are a skier, the Okushiga/Yakebitaiyama areas and also the other end Yokoteyama/Kumanoyu are good too. Ichinose is the most 'central' though.
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