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  1. I know they are making a new station called Jōetsumyōkō Station. I dont know how far it is from any ski places though.
  2. I just have to cool my boots. First slide of the season is always good but I am glad I waited for good conditions to make my first outing to Kagura last season. After almost 7-8 months or so of waiting, another few weeks won't make much difference. I envisage lots of cam checking in the coming months.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will hold up until there is some real snow.
  4. Thanks for the advice Snowdude. I checked the Minakami reports from last season and it seems early... till pretty much New Year... was very much a miss. Maybe that was when Tubby was there.
  5. Tubby Beaverinho, is it really so bad? There were some slightly more positive reports in the review section.
  6. Hello all snow Japaners, it is great to see the forums firing up again in anticipation of the coming season. I have moved to Tokyo from Niigata (where I got into skiing) and I am looking to maintain the habit while living in Tokyo. At the first sign of cooler weather, I started clicking around the numerous sites offering bus/train package deals from Tokyo. I found one deal, 初すべり 11月限定日出発 (first ski, November departure) with tickets to Marunuma Kogen in Gunma, starting on November 22nd. What is the chance of the resort even being open at that time, even partially? Are they using artificial snow there? This year they are claiming a pretty impressive park, I wonder how much of that terrain they will be able to build so early in the season. You can see the snow park layout on the pdf downloadable from their site. I just had a click around Kagura and they are hoping to get the lifts moving on November 22nd with a full open (Tashiro area) scheduled for December 7th. I seem to recall them putting the same dates up last season but I believe that things didn't actually get going until about a week after that. I remember because it was my first slide last season. Also, other than Marunuma and Kagura, does anyone else have any early season favourites in the Yuzawa/Minakami or even Nagano areas?
  7. Of all things, doing a boneless. Trying to gap between a quarter pipe and a mini ramp (about 4 foot high) and only a small gap, about 1 foot. I made it twice but landed without much speed in the mini ramp. So I tried it a third time and tried to kind of go higher, so I could catch more of the transition on the landing. It is hard to explain and it happened really fast, but I kind of over rotated the 180 and as I landed, one foot bounced off the board and the other was sort of stuck on there. So as I fell, the one foot that was still on the board went down the transition really fast as I sort of tumbled at a really awkward angle. The knee of my right leg got really twisted around and sprained. All big, fat, stiff and purple. Even now it still makes a weird clicking sound. Still, we have to do something when there isn't snow. If it wasn't for skateboards I might be a drunkard or a pachinko junkie.
  8. I seem to recall last year in Niigata was very hot until late in October, and the praying mantis were laying their eggs high. All the rice growing types were predicting a very snowy winter but it was very off and on. I remember some days where it was sunny, well above zero and there was epic snow falling in the Kanto area.
  9. Any fitness regime can't be a bad thing. I think particularly squats and lunges as mentioned above. I don't snowboard, so I can't compare the exact feeling but I think skating transition (ramp, bowl etc) must be pretty good. Throw some powerslides and imagine the snow spray. Obviously, grinds, board slides etc. are good if you like hitting the park. If you are in Japan it shouldn't be too hard to find a skate park with a mini ramp or at least some quarter pipes not too far from you. Only downside is you could end up with an injury that will keep you off the slopes for a while. I had a sprained knee this year that left me pretty much immobile for a week back in May.
  10. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take from Tokyo to Iiyama station on the new Hokuriku Shinkansen? I bet the resorts will be running shuttle buses from there too. Could it make Nozawa a doable day trip option like the Yuzawa area resorts?
  11. Well, there is my Saturday night entertainment sorted. Cheers SnowBum.
  12. Ozsnowbum. Might I trouble you for links to your go pro footage from Greenland and Iceland? The stuff from Rishiri was dynamiiiiite.
  13. Akakan in Myoko. http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/niigata/myoko/akakura-kanko-resort That is the German style place. looks pricey though.
  14. How about stay at Maiko resort, near Yuzawa. Definitely Ski in and Ski out but would be quiet at night time. If you are at Myoko, staying at Akakura Onsen Village would be pretty much ski in and ski out. There is a bit of an international(ish) ski village vibe going on there for your evening beer. There is heaps of beginner stuff around there as well as some more challenging stuff. It is not hard to get to from Tokyo, and will be getting even easier with the new shinkansen. If you want real ski in and ski out there is a big German looking place in the middle of Akakura Kankou. I forget the name but I am sure someone here will know. Zao is also and awesome place and there is a bit of accommodation only a short walk from the slopes. I stayed in a Ryokan there last year, very comfortable and reasonable with lift ticket, lunch and dinner included with all the onsen and stuff you would expect. I managed to get rid of the wife at lunch time that way...
  15. Awesome posts everyone! Great variety and I heard about a few new places to check out.


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