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  1. Hi, I uploaded a vid to snowjapantv but couldn't later view it or upload/post it here. sjtv handle name is bdl. can you tell me what's up?
  2. "She was completely buried at times during the slide but ended up only partially buried at the bottom". your quote on this thread. You can do what you want to and be as irresponsible as you want but my only request is please don't lead other less "experienced" people down this path by claiming it's safe. And yeah, seeing people flying down the backbowls in nothing but a pokemon or pooh bear suit not realizing the situation they are putting themselves in does bug me, but that's just me.
  3. I think ALL of Japan is worth a visit. Hakuba, Minakami and all of honshu have great resorts and some steep BC access. Hokkaido's (and yes this includes Niseko) selling point is that it has consistently good snow for typically 4-5 months of the year and Niseko is a "resort" and that's good for families. Consistently good snow is a definite selling feature when you spend a lot of bucks to get over with crew. And I'm not sure who you were refering too BW, but if it's myself I only post when I have time, apologies. And I LOVE Hokkaido so why can't I talk it up? If you I agree with Mike
  4. GN, you never cease to amaze me with your blatent ignorance. If this person is asking about renting gear, it means he/she doesn't have their own gear, which tells me they are probably not that experienced in the backcountry. If you've been here for 7 years then you obviously know how quickly the weather can change here. If you don't know the area, you're inexperienced in the backcountry and you get yourself into a scary situation, what the hell are you going to do? Not everybody needs a guide, you're absolutely right. People who are experienced, up for the challenge and are c
  5. The MSP and Poorboyz (Salomon freeski TV) crews along with the Canadian Sandbox snowboard crew flew home last week with some of the best footage a foreign film crew has captured yet. I guess it helps when you have some of the world's best freeskiers along for the ride. No question many great shots and segments will be churned out from these top snowboard and ski porn producers. Tried to get them to go up north to the bigger mountains but they enjoyed the killer terrain in and around Niseko so much that they refused to leave! Just shows how much potential Hokkaido and the rest of Japan have t
  6. Missed yesterday so here's two. Couple of nice Yotei views. Getting so busy with work that I may have to take a break, sorry. Photo: Marc Gasch I'll bet you 1000yen he's smiling.
  7. After getting a glimpse of how hard these professionals work to make the magic happen, I'm not so sure I envy them...well ok, maybe just a little bit. Late night at the office. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
  8. JP Auclair tree skiing Niseko style in Blueberry's Photo: David Levin
  9. Down days can be fun too with a little imagination. Photo: Marc Gasch
  10. JP Aucalir spotting his landing in Rusutsu's trees. Photo: David Levin
  11. Chris Benchetler doin it switch...gotta love fat rocker skis. Photo: David Levin
  12. Originally Posted By: MikePow Is Marc Gash the Under Armor ad guy? sorry, no idea...
  13. It's still good and is being topped up in in higher elevations. The Taisetsu area last weekend was amazing. Deep pow with sun on Sunday.
  14. A photo more fitting for the current conditions... Rider: Dani Sastre having difficulty understanding why the spoiled locals are complaining about an unusually dry March. Make your own fun. Photo: Marc Gasch
  15. Freeskiing godfather and lover of all things Japanese JP Auclair dropping in of the peak of Mt. Annupuri. Photo: David Levin
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