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  1. A ski resort in Bulgaria, Bansko, where I have spent a bit of time over the years skiing suffered a tragic avalanche earlier this week. A group of snowboarders and skiers were all caught in what I am told was a massive slab avalanche the day after very heavy snowfalls. Most of them were only partially buried but one snowboarder was not so lucky and was found until the following day. What amazed me was that the resort had put up warning notices everywhere warning people that the avalanche danger that day was extrememly high and that all backcountry skiing/boarding should be avoided. I supp
  2. Yes, pretty much but only if you are flying. Driving to the northern highlands from the south east can take up to 12hrs.
  3. From the South East where I live I just jump on a plane from Gatwick Airport to Glasgow Airport, pick up a hired car and can be in Glencoe or Fort William within about 2hrs drive. Flight takes just under two hours.
  4. I have managed to get a further 10kg on top of the 20kg allowance approved by JAL for our flights into and out of Japan - much happier now! Just had to phone them and give them the dimensions of all our check-in luggage and individual bad weights and they were happy to approve the extra weight.
  5. ratherb@thesnow, We (wife and I) arrive on Sunday evening making our first day on the mountain Monday morning - first gondola for first tracks as always!! How about yourself? Are you looking for someone to ski with?
  6. Last year I had to pay £240 for being 6kg over the weoght allowance!! The thing that really annoyed me about this is even though i was at fault for being over the weight limit the plane wws literally a 3rd full!!! We could have had a football match on the 747-400 given how empty it was.
  7. Unfortunately not - I wish! I live in the South East of England which very flat. However, I can get over to the French Alps (Chamonix) within about 4hrs and to the Scottish Highlands in about 4hrs which is convenient enough.
  8. Living in the UK, I have been mountaineering in Scotland and the European Alps (as well as bigger mountain ranges around the world) for quite a few years now and have enjoyed many adventurous and sometimes downright "sketchy" routes. Ask any mountaineer why they climb and you are more than likely to get variations of the same reasons: 1) Love of the remote mountain regions 2) Feeling of achievement and self satisfaction after taking on a route or mountain that presents a particular challenge for them. 3) That feeling of being exposed in what is often a hostile environment where your
  9. I will second the use of Zardoz Notwax. I use it every season and have been more than impressed with the performance.
  10. What are the chances of there been a return to the really good powder conditions next week? I really am praying given that I will be arriving this weekend!
  11. Post Office is currently selling at 117 to the Pound and I am flying out to Japan omn Saturday!!
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