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  1. Originally Posted By: Mamabear thier stand was this is Qantas TOKYO! NARITA is different rules you pay or you stay here, end of story. We paid. yes this is what i got aswell, they really have you over a barrel, no-one is going to leave their gear behind. i did keep the receipt and will be taking it up with qantas, although im not holding my breath. thanks for the replies peoples
  2. i did have another bag so my total was over 20kg, however my gripe is i have never been charged for sporting equipment before. qantas doesnt charge for sports equipment, it is not part of your luggage allowance. the the domestic flights on JL didnt have a problem with it either, only when leaving narita. it is this inconsistency that bugs me, i wasnt charged when coming to japan, and nothing had changed when i was leaving. im just interested to know if this is a standard fee by the airport i was ignorant of? or have i been ripped off? cheers.
  3. Hi all, was wondering if this had happened to anyone else. i spent a couple of weeks in niseko and when it came time to fly home the good people at narita airport decided to slug me and my mate 16,700 yen each for our snowboards, as excess baggage fees. and that was the flat rate, discounted sports equipment fee, or so they told me. it was a qantas flight, and we tried explaing to them it was sports equipment so shouldnt be counted towards our baggage allowance, but they would have none of that, and after being passed onto several different people and getting rather pissed off, got t
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