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  1. Yes another one on yesterday. This time about Japanese musical instrument makers impressing foreign musicians. Subarashii desu ne!
  2. I just read up on that as I didn't know. Asti is a region of northern Italy. Seems Tosti is one of the companies that makes Asti, the kind of sparkling wine. Not keen on champagne myself
  3. I can see this as being a really good thing for the website, as hard as it is to endorse it! Keen to see your new plans. Thanks guys. PS Good to hear there'll be Giveaways too, he said selfishly.
  4. Roppongi nightlife! Actually,. whats that like these days? I remember going to a few places way back when. Has it changed much?
  5. I earn my turns by putting up with working most weekdays.
  6. She has sincerely apologised, and so everything is ok now.
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