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  1. I can see that point of view, but horses for courses etc. I know many people who have come here and would have saved a chunk by going with individual areas.
  2. Nisoko

    Niseko United - Yokubari pack

    I'd take a print out of the Japanese version of the page and show them that.
  3. There is plenty to enjoy in one area for well over a day, so I would recommend you buy the individual ticket.
  4. Outside of Nisoko, my most splendid time was a few days at Hakkoda (Aomori).
  5. Nisoko

    What's Niseko like in summer?

    Much quieter, of course. And much cooler generally than lots of Japan south of Hokkaido. These are good things. But they apply to all of Hokkaido and unless you want the 'summer activity' kind of stuff, there are plenty of beautiful get-away-from-it-all places to explore on the island. (That are less expensive too!)
  6. Nisoko

    Sapporo Snow Festival - worth a visit?

    If you think you might be interested, I would say definitely yes. And as you will probably be flying into Shin Chitose, it's pretty easy to plan it all out. Good luck!
  7. Nisoko

    Furano compared with Niseko

    Both are worth a visit. In fact, I’d recommend that to people visiting. Two rather different tastes of Hokkaido.
  8. Niseko was having a proper good run of until until this last week or so. I sure hope we have more snow, otherwise spring will seem ridiculously long this year.
  9. Went to a Red Baron (I think) in Sapporo, they did indeed have a lot of bikes some real monsters as well - overseas makes too. Crazy massive Harley. Hate the look of those things.
  10. Nisoko

    Email etiquette

    Only "essential" emails for me now. I changed my mail address and only told family and a few close friends.
  11. Do it! You (in the general sense) don't realise quite how pathetic lots of the facebook/always online stuff was until you stand back and go without it for a bit. I seem to have a whole new bunch of time to do better things now and feel massively better for it.
  12. Can you define "unique experience"?


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