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  1. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    Originally Posted By: TubbyBeaverinho BTW Indo, do you do 1 Tabata set of each exercise before changing to the next exercise, or after 20 secs activity do you change to the next exercise....like a circuit station.......and complete the Tabata set that way? Tubby, sometimes we do it like a circuit changing to a different exercise after each 20 sec interval, but the workout we did the other day we did the whole set of 1 exercise. Man, after the pushups anything is a chore! Sometimes I prefer to do each set as 1 exercise as you get to have the 10 sec rest! (rather than get ready for the next exercise)
  2. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    Squats just body weight. KB - Kettle bell oops, we actually did KB swings not thrusters today! but you could do either or add it for a killer! Google the exercise and you will find!
  3. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    Tubbs, Had a Tabata day today. We did; 1 set of Squats (20secs on/ 10sec rest =4min) 1 set of push ups 1 set of KB thrusters 20kg (can do with a DB) 1 set of sit ups. Thrusters after push ups are a biatch!
  4. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    We incorporate Tabata workouts Tubby. Do you ever do more than the 4 min set? Sometimes we will have 8 separate exercises and do 8 rounds with a min between each 4 min round, so 32 mins of it! fun fun, throw in some heavy kettle bells and you got yourself a workout! Another variation is to do a 400m sprint at the end of each 4 min set! That will slam you..
  5. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    I'm going to be doing a "fun" challenge starting on August 1. 100 days of Burpee's! 1st day we do 1 and each day add one more so by the 100th day we will have to do 100.
  6. indosnm


    I miss the sounds of Japanese summer where we used to live. All the frogs & insects in the rice paddies and add the cicadas and it was very noisy outside but better than the noise of traffic anyday.
  7. Originally Posted By: TubbyBeaverinho yeah of course you'd need to do the switcherooney with the passports when going through immigration. I've a few mates who do this with their kids passports. Tubby, That's what most people do with their kids. We have both passports as they are able to hold dual until they turn 20ish, when the Japanese govt makes em choose which one they want. It's perfectly legal and if we didn't they'd need visa's for the country that they didn't have a passport for! Stuff that!
  8. Originally Posted By: Tex [ Are you saying there is no difference to just living somewhere as a resident/visitor and being a citizen? Or that being a citizen (from birth or otherwise) does not entail any commitment? I'd say no to this. I lived in Jp for 11 years and had a Permanent Resident visa. Wether I was PR or a Citizen of JP I think would make F$&k all difference to my daily life and to how I was treated by Japanese people or Govt so why the heck would you? On the other side of the coin, My wife now living in Australia (with me!) as a Permanent Resident has all the rights of an Aussie except voting but if she decides she wants to become a citizen she also has to give up her Japanese citizenship. The only thing this would do would enable her to vote and for her to become a Gaijin in her own country. I really don't see the point. Even when other married in family members from the UK do their naturalisation I really dont see the point when they say , "yay, I'm an Aussie now" They really only do it because they don't have to give up their original nationality..
  9. enjoy wearing that blues jumper tomorrow!
  10. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    Originally Posted By: muikabochi Did 25km tonight. Muika, are you on a bike or running?
  11. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    at least the rain is warm. That can't be too bad can it?
  12. indosnm

    Re-entry permit fun

    Originally Posted By: Cheeseman Do other countries have such permits? Yes they do. Australia has a return resident visa which is 5 years for around $280AUD. In Japan, as a PR you have it easy!
  13. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    when you off? anything can happen in a few weeks!
  14. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    Originally Posted By: Mantas Are you training up to sort that ref out MB I've been hitting the pool again. 2.6 km with a mix of lung busters and paddles. It's getting a bit harder to be motivated when the air temp in the morning is 10 deg. The water is heated to 23 deg. The first 4 laps are the worst. pre Indo training?
  15. indosnm

    Jogging 2011

    Originally Posted By: Mamabear Originally Posted By: Indo When you say kickboxing Mama, are you talking about kickboxing at a specialised Dojo or just a personal trainer doing a group with boxing and kicking? Had this conversation with GarethOAU last night - the double black belt. No, it is fitness kickboxing in a personal training programme - not the dojo/belts/assessments and competitions thing. It's pretty bloody intensive, but with the purpose of strength and cardio workout rather than competition. I am doing 3 sessions a week with these guys - Monday is cardio, Wed is toning (weight or fitball) and fridays is kickboxing - the following video gives an idea. Good thing about Step Into Life is that anyone can do it - the trainers adjust your workout to suit you. Mine has factored in my shin splints issue and made everything low impact, one of the women in my group is an ex-body builder on the post-kid come back and she adds difficulty to her programme, another has just finished her chemo for breast cancer so her programme is suitably light. Those classes are great for fitness as you have mentioned. My reservations come from 15 years of a martial arts background (with multiple black belts too). The fitness part is fine, it's the lack of technique, especially to do with punching that worries/annoys me. So many personal trainers have done the "course" and it's not hard to get the ticket but I haven't really come across many that are really qualified or even have a clue on how to really punch. The reason I say this is because I have seen a lot of injuries (wrists & hands) that could have been avoided had the correct technique been taught. My Sensei here treats alot of these injuries as a physio aswell. MB, not at all dissing what you are doing, just venting my concerns as it sucks to see people being injured by people they are paying to teach them bad form.


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