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  1. Cheers for ths info in this thread, we will be skiing Nozawa Onsen during mid Feb 2014 for the first time, very much looking forward to it! Will browse this & similar threads more closely to help in advance. Go Manly!
  2. TAKE THAT NRL! Perhaps now you'll put a few more Maroon & White jerseys in next week's Finals ads. Enjoy that win all you bookies, tippers & Manly-haters who were pretty convinced the result would be otherwise tonight. That last 30 minutes Manly turned it on, took advantage of a stumbling South Sydney team, and won convincingly - great to see as a Manly supporter! Whilst I reckon the Roosters will dominate the Knights & win well tomorrow, I'd love & prefer to see the Knights win, taking the Premiers out of the comp at the final hurdle, and making for another Sea Ea
  3. That is a fantastic read, thank you. Will be visiting Kyoto for the 1st time ever in Feb 2014, and looking forward to it greatly, including a planned bicycle tour.
  4. Heading to Japan in Feb 2014 here too, only ever been to Niseko a few years ago before. We travel to Kyoto Feb 5-12, then Hakuba skiing Feb 12-20. Will browse this and other threads/resources for any tips, Cheers! --- Also, Yes, the advice we have indicates this as well, as for Day passes still the costs are quite cheap compared to what us Aussies are used to, especially with the AUD <-> JPY currency being fairly strong lately.
  5. Hell Down Under: Steve "Grim Reaper" Grimmet touring Mar2012 Hell Down Under: Live in Australia March 2012 - Steve "Grim Reaper" Grimmet (fr. Onslaught, Grim Reaper, Lionsheart, Empires Of Eden)! With special guests Darker Half, Taberah & Dragonsclaw supporting.. - Thur 8 Mar The Cabbage Patch Hotel Wollongong - Fri 9 Mar The Basement Canberra - Sat 10 Mar The Sando Sydney. Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W1ukZRWmJQ "For the first time, Steve Grimmett will appear live on stage in Australia during March 2012. As one of the leading voices of 80's heavy metal Steve's
  6. Massive State Of Origin game tonight at Lang Park, Brisbane! Our boss has encouraged any staff who want to wear a NSW Blues jersey to do so at work today - that's awesome. The Blues are gonna have to put in an even better performance than Game #2 for most of this one to best the Maroons as we know those Cane Toads will be up for a big one and aren't gonna make many mistakes. Watmough for 1st try scorer. TAB Sportsbet odds this morning: Head To Head, for a $1 bet - QLD $1.57 v $2.40 NSW. GO NEW SOUTH WALES!
  7. State Of Origin 2011 Game #3 @ Lang Park Brisbane Wed 15 June, kickoff 20:00 --- NSW Blues 1. Anthony Minichello (Roosters) 2. Akuila Uate (Knights) 3. Mark Gasnier (Dragons) 4. Micheal Jennings (Panthers) 5. Jarryd Hayne (Eels) 6. Jamie Soward (Dragons) 7. Mitchell Pearce (Roosters) 8. Paul Gallen © (Sharks) 9. Micheal Ennis (Bulldogs) 10. Tim Mannah (Eels) 11. Beau Scott (Dragons) 12. Ben Creagh (Dragons) 13. Greg Bird (Titans) 14. Kurt Gidley (Knights) 15. Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles) 16. Trent Merrin (Dragons) 17. Luke L
  8. Homebush-bound this afternoon for the massive State Of Origin game @ Stadium Australia.. Go NEW SOUTH WALES! Oh, and there'll be beer involved. When the stinkin' Maroons get penalised in the 1st several mins I'll be (in Bay 629) screamin': "HE'S BEEN DOIN' IT AALLL DAAYY REF! AALLLL DAAYYYY!"
  9. --- Game 1 NSW State of Origin 2011 Team 1 Josh Dugan (Canberra) 2 Brett Morris (St George Illawarra) 3 Mark Gasnier (St George Illawarra) 4 Michael Jennings (Penrith) 5 Akuila Uate (Newcastle) 6 Jamie Soward (St George Illawarra) 7 Mitchell Pearce (Syd Roosters) 8 Jason King (Manly) 9 Michael Ennis (Canterbury) 10 Kade Snowden (Cronulla) 11 Beau Scott (St George Illawarra) 13 Paul Gallen [c] (Cronulla) 14 Ben Creagh (St George Illawarra) 15 Trent Merrin (St George Illawarra) 16 Tim Mannah (Parramatta) 17 Dean Young (St George Illawarra) 18
  10. 2011 Rugby League State Of Origin Series (Times are local) GAME ONE Queensland v New South Wales 8:00PM Wed May 25 Lang Park, Brisbane GAME TWO New South Wales v Queensland 8:00PM Wed June 15 Stadium Australia, Sydney GAME THREE Queensland v New South Wales 8:00PM Wed July 6 Lang Park, Brisbane
  11. Re: the SuperMoon (Lunar Perigee) this weekend - the Moon will be closer to Earth than it has been in 19 years. Expected to pass as close as 356,577 kms away (that's just over 27,800 kms closer than the ave. of 384,403 kms), the Moon should appear about 15% brighter and slightly bigger than usual. Let's hope for some good views of this Full Moon rising tonight.. Yea, it looks like the Full Moon technically occurs around 4:40am Sunday 20th March, but as it's not visible from Australian East Coast then the next best time will be as it rises in the East Sunday & Saturday evenings, by the
  12. Japanese Whaling Operations Suspended 17 Feb 2011: "Japanese Fisheries Agency official Tatsuya Nakaoku said the Japanese factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, had suspended operations since February 10 "to ensure the safety (of the crew)" following numerous skirmishes with Sea Shepherd activists in icy Antarctic waters." http://www.news.com.au/national/japanese-whaling-hunt-may-end-early/story-e6frfkvr-1226007184366 This is good news to wake up to this morning - The more whales saved from this disgraceful practice the better. Let's hope reports of "a changing tide of domestic opinion"
  13. Well, now heaven's got the ultimate band: Drums: John Bonham (1948-1980, from Led Zeppelin); Bass: Cliff Burton (1962-1986, from Metallica); 1st guitar: Randy Rhoads (1956-1982, from Ozzy Osbourne & Quiet Riot); 2nd guitar: Dimebag Darrell (1966-2004, from Pantera); Vocals: Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010, from Black Sabbath & Dio).
  14. From: http://www.ronniejamesdio.com/ "Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever. - Wendy Dio" After recent varied rumors circulating, it looks like he has lost his battle with stomach cancer R.I.P. Ronnie you Le
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