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  1. Pray to the snow gods. Mother Nature is one thing you can't control. Get there and let the snow gods sort it out. Food and drinks will be awaiting if Momma Nature isn't.
  2. One last thought.... In Hawaii they have bumper stickers that read "Keep the country, country". I'm going to stand on the corner in Nozawa and hand out ones that say "Keep Nozawa, Nozawa". Just loved the small town/village feel of Nozawa and the small mum & pop shops. No Starbucks, no Mackers, no 7-11/Lawsons/Family Marts.
  3. Thanks for the comments on my first TR everyone. I used this forum to try and find some information out BEFORE I went to Nozawa Onsen. The forum didn't answer all my question, so I figured I'd do a "Best of" review to help out anyone going for the first time. Ippy...glad you feel the same about Karasawa run being a great slope--definitely a nice pitch to teach first time riders. Norcal--they had a Never Summer demo tent up near the Skyline lift that weekend. Cool American guy from Minnesota running it. As for the picture of the tipping jar, it was on the bar at the Craft Room wi
  4. First trip to Nozawa Onsen for this intermediate over 40 boarder. It snowed for 4 days and we had a bluebird on Monday the 21st. Loved the fact it is an old village and hasn't been commercialized! Mountain was decent--the only negative for snowboarders is you have to unstrap/walk in a few places as I had read in previous posts. The onsens were a huge bonus and a must visit. Since Lodge Nagano was full, we were passed to the Honey Bee/Mistubachi Maaya (Owner is Ikeda-san) which is up the street from the Shinden No-Yu Onsen and around the corner from the Post Office (which has the only
  5. Any recommendations for single accommodation/single bed anywhere at Niseko? I need a room for 4 nights (15-18 Feb). What places have/rent a single bed? Don't need anything fancy. I looked on this forum's "Places to Stay" and figured I'd start with the four "backpacker" hostels. I'm looking at these below and was hoping for some feedback or tips for finding a single bed...first beer is on me: Lodge Bam Boo Niseko Annupuri Youth Hostel Owashi Lodge YHA Niseko Fujiyama Karimpani
  6. Breck is a great town with an awesome atmosphere. It's an old mining town and has the longest operating saloon (Gold Pan) west of the Mississippi River. Vail and Copper are great mountains to ride. However, they both have a fake village an a "manufactured" atmosphere. Breck is the real deal. I prefer riding at Vail or Copper over Breck, but if you're looking for both snow & nightlife then go to Breck! I stay in Breck and go riding at Copper a lot. Bucket List : the back bowls of Vail
  7. I want to thank everyone for their posts! Will be in Nozawa Onsen shredding for 3 days 19-21 January (arrive the 18th). It's my shout if I bump into any of you at the bar...two blokes from Okinawa named Miles & Steve. I'm a "Smoothrider" Thank you again!
  8. Sorry, meant Nozawa Onsen. Does it have some decent riding? I don't want to be coming out of my bindings and walking to get to any lifts. Have you been there?
  9. Sorry, I meant Nozawa Onsen, not Nagano Onsen in the title. My friend (beginner) and I (intermediate) are planning a boarding trip up to Nagano area from Okinawa. Wanted some insight on which resort to go to, where to stay, etc. Have surfed a lot of sites/forums/reviews for information, but don't feel I have a good handle on the best place yet. RESORT: We were thinking of riding at Nagano Onsen but I read there's a lot of flat areas and climbing between lifts? I dislike that as a boarder. Can someone confirm? Is there a better place you'd recommend in Nagano to board? Or shou
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