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  1. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Japanese TV going a bit overboard...

    The one last night seemed to be called Rediscovering Japan or something. On every week? Last night it was telling us all why Japanese people are so good at keeping and respecting time. (All of them, of course). And foreigners are not. (All of them, of course).
  2. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Cho-yummy things

    Got a pizza from Costco, add some extra cheese on top and it was very good indeed.
  3. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Ippy's Thailand

    That actually sounds like it might be rewarding!
  4. The okama (?) has been roped off I see on the news. I wonder if that would have been done if there was no Ontake news...
  5. HeatherLocklearRocks


    I wish Heather didn't age.
  6. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Snow tyre ad!

    Some people just have no shame.
  7. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Important news of the day thread

    God that looks awful
  8. HeatherLocklearRocks

    2014- the year of jogging

    Generally I don't find drivers very polite here. Try getting out into a main road and see how many people stop and let you in. Not many.
  9. The good thing there though is that Halo wasn't half bad!
  10. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Morning Greetings!

    Didn't know today was a holiday.
  11. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Weeds. Oh, and flowers

    Did you chew it Metabo Oyaji? And...... did it taste like chicken?
  12. Got it on pre-order, able to play from Wednesday I believe. In fact, it should be downloading now.
  13. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Morning Greetings!

    Thats a lot to shell out on an aircon!
  14. HeatherLocklearRocks

    The YOUTUBE thread

    She was on American Idol a number of years back. She was famous for being a "stupid country girl" then too.
  15. HeatherLocklearRocks

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Yes. The musical one. The big problem here being that... he can't sing very well!


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